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What is the salary for biology lecturer in india

i am passed my 2nd puc , waiting for the result #expertise #biology...



Active Dec 31 '17 at 18:05

1 answers

Posted by kiran K.
Yazmin Soto | Phisics teacher at Department of Education of Puerto ... im a teacher of biology and physics in the high school ...

Can getting your college degree be completed in 4 years?

Most of the people I know have taken more than 4 years. I'm also putting Mathematics because that's what I want to pursue in college. #college #mathematics...



Active Aug 16 '17 at 08:15

2 answers

Posted by Szatana J.
Stuart Bowen | Academic Coach, Montgomery College Yes, your degree can be completed in four years, but it ...

Is a 3.2 GPA bad?

I hang out with a lot of friends with very high GPAs. I do not know if I am just bringing myself down because I hangout with very intelligent people or if I should really be worrying. I am currently going into my junior year and will really be pushing myself this year. #scholarships #gpa...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:26

1 answers

Posted by Gage R.
Marie Blach | Associate Telecom Technician at LinkedIn Grade are very important but not everything. I have found when ...

Is it important and helpful to join clubs or organizations in college?

I am a full time student in college and have been interested in joining a couple of organizations but I have not committed. #collegelife #college #academic #academic-advising...



Active Feb 01 at 10:35

5 answers

Posted by Nathali B.
Elizabeth Avila | Tax Associate Hi Nathali! Definitely! I highly encourage you to be active in ...

Other than biology and chemistry, What majors do you recommend for someone looking to go to medical school?

I am interested in becoming a Doctor in the future and want to make sure I have the right major for my likes and career goals. #medical #majors #academic #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare #medicine...



Active Apr 13 at 13:26

1 answers

Posted by Jade B.
Gwendolyn Quintana | Policy Analyst at Texas Medical Association Do your bachelors of science in nursing! Cant stress it enough. ...

In what ways are school and college important?


Active Feb 09 at 10:19

3 answers

Posted by ravi G.
Joel Volkert | Educator/Career Coach, Founder of "Learn Now Learn Well" Hi Ravi,There are so many benefits of school and college, among ...

What should be done to have a PhD in International Trade area?

I consider working as an academic. In this regard, I have a bachelor degree of International Trade and Logistic. I need some suggestion about it. #phd #logistics #academia #international-trade #logistics...



Active Oct 12 '17 at 19:50

0 answers

Posted by Hadi D.

What extracurricular experiences (beyond academics) do you believe were most beneficial in helping you prepare for and enter medical school?

I plan to apply for medical schools within the next 2 years and am curious as to what has been most helpful for others (in their personal opinion) to gain acceptance. I often hear that while grades and honors are important, there are many other things that admissions committees look for in an...

#physician #medical-school #application #medical #extracurriculars #admissions #academic


Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:26

2 answers

Posted by Anders L.
James Garza | Owner, Self-employed at Garza Medical Association hi anders, i graduated med school in 1993 but i think ...

Does anyone know about the academic/social environment at Harvard University?

Hello, If you are a college student at Harvard/professional who has worked at Harvard University, I would greatly appreciate some feedback from your personal experience with Harvard. I don't mean academic statistics or rankings, but the social atmosphere, how people make friends, cafeteria...

#social #college-bound #harvard #college #academic


Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:12

1 answers

Posted by Anna K.
Mikia Manley | MPP Student, Harris School of Public Policy Hi Anna! I'm a Harvard alumna (graduated in 2014) and would ...

How does an academic major in college affect job opportunities in the music field?

Hi, I'm a senior in High School. I would like to pursue music as a career, but it is hard for me to find a major that has what I am looking for or one that I can afford/qualify for. My alternative is to apply to either the same college as my preferred program or a cheaper college as an...

#majors #music-industry #music-production #student-debt #college-advice #college-major #academic #music #college #music-education


Active Oct 16 '17 at 04:21

1 answers

Posted by Lucie L.
Jake Krishnan | Leader - Digital Strategy and Implementation Hi, I'm a senior in High School. I would like to ...

What are the pros and cons of Ivy Leagues compared to other colleges?

In all aspects, including socially, academically, financially, career-wise,etc., how do Ivy Leagues compare to other colleges/universities? Does their prestige affect the overall outcome of one's future? #college #career #university #career-path #social #career-development #ivy-league...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:50

1 answers

Posted by Daniella F.
bridget navoda | Senior Product Development Manager Hi Daniella! Many of your peers ask the same question! Use ...

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