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What is your advice for a student?

I'm a junior in high school, and I was wondering if there was any advice anyone could give to their younger selves that could potentially give them hope, better habits, etc. #student...


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What are some tips for finding a career you're passionate about?

I'm a sophomore age-wise, and a junior credit-wise. I'm currently majoring in managerial finance with a minor in entrepreneurship. However, I don't really feel passionate about any of the possible careers associated with my desired degree. Do you all have passion towards your job, or are you...

#career #advice #job-search

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What advice would you give to current undergraduate students?

Whether you have graduated decades ago or recently or are nearing graduation, what are some tips and things you wish you knew earlier? It can be any sort of advice from volunteering more, focusing more on your health and diet, or time management. As a current undergraduate student, I do think...

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Should money be an important factor in college decisions?

I had have several people (i.e teachers, college graduates) explain to me that I should expand my search to out of state schools. I was told that colleges have "tons of money" to give away and that I should not allow cost to restrain my decisions. However, with increasing college debts, I...

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Would it be better to go out of state or stay in state for college?

HI, I'm a sophomore at Sumner Academy and I was wondering which kinds of colleges would be better to go to. I'm really thinking of going out of state, but I'm not so sure if this is a good idea. I also need help in choosing what college I want to go to. I have no idea yet on what I want to do,...

#advice #college #out-of-state

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How do you become an animator?

What should I study to become an aspiring animator. And what tips should i know when getting into the world of animation? #advice...


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How to find a mentor in University?

Hi all. Over the past year I have been reading books, watching youtube videos, and talking with various people on the topics of self-development, entrepreneurship, leadership, etc. However, I'm missing a mentor figure in my life. How do you recommend finding a mentor, whether it be a...

#advice #leadership #mentoring

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Should I include my volunteer experience on my resume?

I do not know if it really matters what volunteer experience I had before is what I should put on my resume. I feel like past experiences where I worked before is more important. When I do construct my resume, should I just leave that out of it? In your opinion, what more or less should be on a...

#advice #resume #help #job-application

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How can someone improve their studying skills for all classes?

I want to improve my studying skills for this year and I wanted to know how you would go about studying for different tests and quizzes that could be given to me on the same day. I want to do my best this year so I just want some new methods that I could try to improve my studying in my...

#personal-development #advice #studying-tips #self-improvement

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Any advice on how to organize yourself better ?

Hello , I am currently working on organizing myself better for my career. It seems that I have not found what "flows" for my daily routine because I do feel scattered a lot of the times and I will like to decrease that and establish some kind of plan . What are some tools that can aid me in...

#personal-development #advice #coaching

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Will it be hard to dorm in college?

I was wondering if by some miracle I can dorm at the college I want to go to, will it be terrifying to go through the new adjustment of going home to a dorm on campus? I want to mentally prepare myself if that actually happens to me. I would like to know if the new change would be very...

#advice #college #college-advice

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Is it safe to apply to to ivy league schools?

I have hope that I will get accepted to an ivy league school. However, I know that the chances of that happening are pretty low. I am also planning on apply to a few schools that I deem as safe to me since I am positive I will get into those. It's just that I want to throw my application out...

#advice #college #ivy-league

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What should I keep in mind as I am taking the newly designed SAT?

The SAT has changed now and I have to take the new version. I have only been familiar with the PSAT's from last year. I just want to know what I should keep in mind as I am taking the newly designed SAT for the first time. #help #advice...


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Computer Engineer or Automotive Engineer?

I enjoy the concepts of both computer and automotive engineering, but I don't know which one to choose as my career. What are some things that I should look at when making my final decision? What are the benefits of choosing one over the other? Is there any way to combine the two in order to...

#computer-engineering #advice #automotive #cars

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How do you know what career you want without actually having the experience?

I feel like many people say they want to be a nurse, doctor, engineer, computer programmer, et cetera without having much experience. How do they know that those jobs will not burn them out after years of being in the field? How are you supposed to find your passion when you are bound to high...

#higher-education #career-counseling #advice #career-choice #career-path

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