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What do aerospace engineers do?

Im currently in high school and I wanted to know what type of projects they do. Do they design and build airplanes and other similar things?...


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How often do internships turn into a full time job?

As I am looking at colleges, I keep on finding out how important internships are. A question that I have is just once in the internship, how common is it for that place to become your new workplace? If it is common, is it always better to stay with the company that you are with?...

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As an engineer, is there ever an invention or creation that is too big to dream of, and if not then how do you get started on the intimidating journey towards the end goal?

Hello, I am a senior in high school aspiring to become an aerospace engineer in the future, in hopes of changing the world for the better through an engineering background. A dream like this requires some sort of plan and instead of waiting to be in college with all the fancy laboratories and...

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What is in the daily life of an aerospace engineer like?

Hey all, I've looking in majoring in mechanical engineering in college, but I'm also looking to have a concentration or a minor in aerospace. My friend's father is an aerospace engineer and he has told me much about what he does, but I was hoping to get multiple answers. Thanks!...

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Does an Aerospace engineer figure out how planes can be made better? What classes should I take for this career I want to be part of?

I joined a STEM program last month and we created robots, I thought it was create. Then during break there was a aerospace information table. I just love how they work with planes. I also love traveling in planes. I also got interested in this field when my friends dad came to my school to talk...

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What is like in the life of an aerospace engineer?

I'm interested in math and science, especially physics and an aerospace engineer is something that combines those subjects that I love. So I just wanted to know how is it like as an aerospace engineer. #physics...


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What to choose

I studying grade 12 and my class will end in 2 month .I have taken PCB as major and math as my extra subject and have interest in engineering related to airlines .So i want to know how many engineering field are available in airlines sector and can I study the one which I like.I also wants to...

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Is aerospace a safe career?

Safe in the sense of , is there always going to be work and if the career secures that you will have the job for as long as you need it. #aerospace-engineering...


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I would like to go into mechanical engineering. What kind of job opportunities are available? Is there a range of types of jobs you can take?

I'm interning at NASA and i would like to know if there is a range of different types of jobs people take or whether people have majored into mechanical and decided to go into a completely different field. #engineering #mechanical-engineering...


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What type of things do aerospace engineers do?

I'm a current high school student interested in engineering. I was curious about the types of things aerospace engineers do. Is it mostly Computer Aided Design? Do you visit launch sites? Do you oversee construction of things or do you work behind the scenes designing components on a computer?...

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