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I'm really interested in Animal Science and Husbandry. So far I've been admitted to five schools, but my top three are Wilmington College in Ohio, University of Wisconsin- River Falls, and University of Maine. Which is the best for Animal Science?

I am concerned that if I go to a college that isn't as well known, I won't have as much credibility and people won't take me as seriously. I know these aren't the most prestigious schools, but they fit for me so which one would be best? #college #agriculture...


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To create a non-profit organization combating hunger through sustainable agriculture, what area of study would be most relevant? Business management, agriculture, sustainability and nutrition all factor in, but which is the best approach?

In many parts of the world there is an extreme shortage of nutritious food and simultaneously very little practice of environmentally sustainable agriculture. A non-profit organization specialized in farming could perhaps kill two birds with one stone. #nonprofits #agriculture #public-health...


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Would a degree in Agricultural Buisness Management apply to management jobs outside of Agriculture?

I wish to work within the agricultural community, but if that falls through during some portion of my life, I would like to know if I have other job options outside of the agricultural community for business management (with an agricultural business management degree). Would it be more...

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What is the best major to go into if you want to become a breeder of swine or beef?

I am a high school senior and am applying to college with the thinking that I should have an animal science major, but it is turning up that this is mostly relevant if you want to become a vet, which isn't my case. What is the best major to go into for breeding animals? #majors #animals...

#breeding #agriculture #animal-science

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