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What should I do after high school/ college?

I have no idea what I want to do for a career. I am interested in many things and I have had a couple ideas, but when I think about it, it is not something I want to do my whole life. I love math, anatomy/physiology, and art. Right now I am most interested in nursing, but I'm not 100% sure that...

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Which are the best courses to take if I am aiming to become an ER nurse?

I am a junior in high school and I am having trouble finding which path I should take to increase my chances of going into the career I want to pursue. I know that I want to go to nursing school but I also know that this career is very competitive. Which courses should I take to guide me...

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What are the experiences that I will encounter as an anatomist?

I know that anatomy deals with learning about the body; I want to learn more about the human body as I get older. I am interested into learning the mysteries of the human body so that I can learn everything I can. In addition to learning about the human body, in anatomy individuals dissect...

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Can i pursue two careers?

All of my life i have been extremely passionate about movies. Ever since i was little i would always talk about them. Usually little kids would talk about sports or little kid stuff, i would always talk about stanley Kubrick, or Spielberg. I have always been very mature for my age. My dream...

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What would my best bet be?

Hey there ladies and gents my name is Britton and I am a very Physical person. I like to do both calisthenics and weights. I also enjoy helping others, so if its possible to get a job that requires me to lift things I would not mind; honestly I also like learning about how the human body works....

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Im passionate about anatomy (Particularly Nervous, Endocrine, Respiratory) , biology, engineering, and computing. I am a sophomore in high school and have very little of an idea as to where to go or what career is right for me. Any ideas?

I recently have been thinking a lot about the future and what I should aim for after high school gets done. #engineering #medicine #biology #computer #surgery #biotechnology...


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