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Being an anesthesiologists on a daily basis

Hi, I am a sophomore in Boston and am really interested in becoming a doctor in the future. However my main interest is becoming an anesthesiologist. I would like to ask any one who is or knows the routine of an anesthesiologist, and what they do on a day to day basis, and the best and worst...

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Once I get a Bachelor's of Science in Neuroscience, what can I do with that degree straight out of undergraduate?

I'm going to major in Neuroscience, and I'm striving to be an Anesthesiologist in the long run; but that's a lot of schooling. I would like to know how to use my degree right off the bat to start earning income, and to gain work experience. #doctor #neuroscience #neurology #anesthesiologist...


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How is the work schedule like for anesthesiologists and what does their daily routine look like?

I have always wanted to be in the medical feild for as long as I could remember. For a long period of time I was really interested in becoming a surgeon but as I got older I didn't eel it was right for me and while watching tv series and talking with my mom I learned more about...

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As a Nurse Anesthetist, what do you consider to be the most challenging part of your job, and why?

I plan on becoming a nurse anesthetist and have read all their is to read about being one. However, some of my resources have told me that a lot of paper work and meetings are involved. So, I thought that it would me wise of me to ask an experienced nurse anesthetic this question. By getting an...

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How did you decide on your career?

Hi, i am in 9th grade and constantly worry about my future. I am always online googling information that i hope will give me something to let me know that i would be useful in a certain profession. I want to understand how people came to choose their professions, without knowing if they would...

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