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What are art schools like?

It art all day long? Will I get certiacetes for my art pieces? Will I get money for art? How long can you be in art school? When can you start art school?...


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what careers do you recommend i look into it im really good at art

i have one question . i could speak 3 languages like viet namese and cantonese , the one im still learing is english so i want to what can i do for those or what i kind of job can find ??...


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How can you maintain a good career within the fields of Art?

I've heard of people struggling when it comes to having a good stable career in Art professions,and I would like to know what know what can you do to have a good back or functional career on your shoulders?...


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Is it worth studying something you love in college, or something that'll be beneficial for you in the workforce?

I really enjoy art and writing, I just don't think I could make a stable career out of either. I'm alright at computer science and programming, which has many job opportunities, especially since it's what everyone's turning to now, but it's not something I love or would enjoy learning. Do I...

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Should I become an artist or just do art on the side?

I am a ninth grader in the Bay Area and the idea of becoming a full time visual artist that relies only on the money i get from the pieces I sell has always scared me. I am also worried that if I choose to do art on the side, I might forget about it or the art process might lose its...

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How to comopose/write music without going ti school

I want to learn more music however I dont have the money or grades to go to school for it. So What are some tips on self teaching music composers/writers? Like apps, computer programs,books or places to learn for free? #music...


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Whats the best schools for Architecture

Im 17 years old and looking for a good school witha major in architecture and i know of some but the price to go is super crazy i live with a income of about 18,000$ so its a bit challenging looking for schools not breaking the bank #art...


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what careers do you recommend i look into it .Im really good at ART

my name is VI . i born in Viet Nam and when 14 years old i moved to U.S with parents.i could speak vietnamese and litlle Cantonese .when i went to high school interesting with art but the most of my favorite job is work at police station but i dont know what can i do to became that even i dont...

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To become a sous chef, would it benefit if I attended a four year university or a private school that focuses solely on my career choice?

When applying for colleges, my counselor insisted that I look for schools that have specific scholastic programs that focused solely on my major. I was wondering if going to a private school would be better than attending a regular 4-year university if they both had programs for my major. #art...

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