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Best school for preforming arts?

What is the best school for preforming arts?...


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How do you balance humanities with a STEM major?

I love to write and draw -- they're two of my passions -- but I also love science and math, which is why I plan on going into a STEM field. How do you keep the two balanced when so many claim you can't reconcile them? #women-in-stem #arts...


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clothing business

i have decided to make my t shirts business available to corporations , businesses, foundations and things of that sort , so im just wonder how would i set up different "packages" for these groups ? #design #arts...


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what careers do you recommend i look into it .Im really good at ART

my name is VI . i born in Viet Nam and when 14 years old i moved to U.S with parents.i could speak vietnamese and litlle Cantonese .when i went to high school interesting with art but the most of my favorite job is work at police station but i dont know what can i do to became that even i dont...

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Does a liberal arts education change one's career path?

Many colleges say they are 'liberal arts.' However, it seems more difficult to obtain employment after a degree in liberal arts, so what id the real advantage? Why are these colleges more expensive? #arts...


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What would be the first stage I could do to become a singer?

The reason why I want to know this answer, is because I really like singing. I would at least like to hear what I sound like but I really need to know what would be the first stage or process of becoming a singer.That way when I really do want to go for that career I know where to start at....

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Is it possible for one to work as an Architect and an Architectural Engineer? I Know they're two incredibly different fields, but I am incredibly passionate about both and am curious if there is a way to actually participat ein both in the work force.

I am aiming for a BS in Architectural Engineering and Plan on getting a Masters in Architecture, to give myself a well-rounded education. I've heard from professors that it's fairly black and white between the two careers, however that might simply only be the case in America. Maybe other...

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I don't know what to major in

I was really thinking of majoring in Voice but I might just minor in it. However I don't know what to major in. Every career test I take tells me to major in Visual Arts :/ I like writing, cheerleading, dance and makeup. I really don't know where that puts me in. If there are any majors that...

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How long did it take you to realize that acting is what you wanted your career to be?

I am 14 years old. I want to be an actress but I have not looked deep into what I can do to get there. I was just wondering how long it took you to start looking into where to go that be a step closer to being successful in the acting business. I'm not sure whether its my lack of motivation...

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What are the benefits and disadvantages of being in a band?

I'm interested in being in a rock band, but when you're in a band you have to work as a team, instead of competing, what is it like. I'm senior in high school in the Bronx. This is something I want to be part time because I want to be an entrepreneur. I've been in a band before, and I play...

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What advice can you give to an upcoming college student that is completely happy of their major, but scared they won't get a job?

I will be attending school as a college freshman this coming August majoring in graphic design. I've known that graphic design is what I want to do for the rest of my life for a long time, I'm just nervous that I will regret going to school in the arts just in case someday after I graduate, I...

#communications #arts #graphics #graphic-design #communication-art

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To become a dance therapist should I study special education as well?

Well I am a dancer and doctors say I can never dance professionally so I decided to become a dance therapist. Therefore nothing can stop me from dancing and I can help others considering I was born with deformities as well. Dance has changed my life and I wanna use it to help others just like...

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What can I do for liberal arts?

I am in college right now and I have no idea what I want to do, I heard this major they offer called liberal arts, it sounds interesting but I have no idea what careers are out there for liberal arts. #art #english #arts #studies...


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