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How will pursing mcom will help us in doing CA




Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:32

1 answers

Posted by chethan S.
Anusha Rajeswaran | Senior Analyst at Dell Hi. There are no exemptions for CA by doing A ...

Why did you become an auditor?

I just heard about this job. I'm great with numbers, and do well in math class in high school, but this job sounds kind of boring. Do you like your job as an auditor? Is it really as boring as it sounds staring at spreadsheets and numbers all day? I'd also like to hear why you chose to become...

#finance #business #stem #accounting #auditing #math


Active Mar 16 at 15:45

7 answers

Posted by Shayla C.
Justin Gault | Product Development Manager Hi Shayla. I started my career in an audit function for ...

Due to the competitive nature, do Big 4 firms discriminate against students who start at a community college?

So I am a student at community college for financial reasons, however I do not want that to make me a 'weaker' candidate. If it does, what can I do to set myself apart from the pack? #accounting #community-college #auditing #working-in-big-companies #deloitte #ey #kpmg...



Active Mar 02 at 21:28

5 answers

Posted by Tiffany B.
Joel Pennington, CPA | Experienced Assurance Associate at PwC Hi Tiffany,Big 4 firms do not value what school you went ...

What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job in the fields of accounting, auditing, consulting, and/or taxing?

People like me often search for jobs that will allow them to make a difference in the world and give their life purpose meaning, and direction. Who knows? Maybe accounting could realize that goal. #accounting #audit #auditor #auditing #accountant #consulting #tax #taxing #taxation...



Active Mar 16 at 15:47

6 answers

Posted by Mireia R.
Grant Tresselt, CPA | Auditor, PricewaterhouseCoopers Hi Mireia, For reference, I am an auditor currently working at ...
Erin Wallace | Management Consultant at PwC Great question, Mireia! I wish that someone told me that once ...

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