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Best way to prep for College level science courses?

I want to prepare for college level science courses before I am enrolled in Fall 2017. How should I prepare? #chemistry...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:46

1 answers

Posted by Emma L.
Andrew Tran | Chemical Engineer Take a look at your schedule to see what courses are ...

Which class will benefit me more in college if I am going in for health professions? AP Chemistry or AP Bio

I am a junior in high school and am curious to see how to take a step forward in my college career. #college #chem...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:43

1 answers

Posted by Emma L.
Sara Strickland | College Counselor at Moreau Catholic High School Hi Emma- I tend to see students opt for AP Biology ...

After receiving a BS in biology, and going onto medical School. Is becoming a dermatologist the smartest idea?

I have came to the conclusion that I would like to major in biology. Biology is fascinating, as you learn about evolution and ecology. I have decided to become a dermatologist. I do not know much about dermatology but I am willing to learn. #dermatologist #dermatology #bio...



Active Mar 18 at 18:22

0 answers

Posted by Orleisha J.

How do I know if I'm fit to be a biologist?

I really like biology and would like to go into the biomedical field, but I don't know if I am right for it. #bio #science #stem #biology...



Active Oct 24 '17 at 09:01

3 answers

Posted by Quynh V.
Regina Zhang | Clinical Production Associate Hi Quynh, The most important thing is that you enjoy it, ...

When entering into the medical field, is it better to major in nursing or biology?

Throughout most of my life, I always wanted to become a pediatrician. I love helping others and making a difference. Whether it be an accomplishment or a tough obstacle , everything you do in life reflects upon your character. I am kind , loving, and nurturing, which makes me gravitate more...

#bio #biology #nursing #registered-nursing


Active Apr 09 at 18:41

1 answers

Posted by Orleisha J.
Jordan Rivera | Community Manager at CareerVillage Hi Orleisha!Great to hear you are considering becoming a nurse! Here ...

What kind of career can I get from majoring in Biology?

I love biology and want to major in it. I know there's a lot jobs that everyone knows about but I'm looking for something out of the ordinary. #bio #biotech #biology #career-development #career-path...



Active Feb 21 at 15:25

2 answers

Posted by Olivia B.
Joel Volkert | Educator/Career Coach, Founder of "Learn Now Learn Well" Hi Olivia,There is a great website called O*Net ( that shows ...

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