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For a career in research, do you recommend getting an MD and a PhD so you can leave the clinical option open?

I have talked with a professional in my chosen field and they suggested getting an MD because it allows you to do both the clinical and research side of the field. I'm pretty sure I only want to do research but I think I need more information about it. #medicine...


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What is a helpful minor for a bio major going to law?

This fall I'll be majoring in Bioinformatics: Molecular Genetics Option. I've earned enough credits to take a minor and not have my schedule change. What minor would be helpful with this major and a wish to go into law after college? #biology...


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Where can I find good scholarships for STEM based majors?

This year I am a senior and as time quickly passes more pressure is put on me to apply for scholarships. Finding good scholarships would allow me to become less nervous about college. Also, STEM majors can be very costly. I would appreciate the help a lot!! #biology...


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What should I expect by majoring in Biology?

I'm asking this question because I want to ensure that Biology is the right major for me and this major will directly affect my career path in the future. I don't want to go to college for four years and waste my parents money on a major I don't like or isn't a good fit for me. By the way not...

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What jobs are available for a biology major?

I have always loved studying biology in school. I have actually taken all of the science courses offered to my school i love science so much. Upon speaking to the schools guidance counselor, I found that i truly wanted to major in biology. What jobs would be achievable with a #biology major? I...

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How do I get a biomedical engineering degree?

I am interested in getting a biomedical engineering degree, but I do not know the classes I have to take or other things I have to do to get one. #engineer...


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What are the chances for a student abroad to get accepted to a Summer Undergraduate Research program?

I'm a US citizen studying abroad. I am studying biology, junior. I applied to programs in the states to do a summer program there and hopefully get the chance to so I can learn new research techniques, preparation for seminars, etc.. Thank you #biology...


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