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What do you do as a biomedical engineer?

I'm thinking about going into this field, but a vague idea of what they actually do. What is a typical workday like? Are there different types of biomedical engineers?...


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What does being a Biomedical Engineer consist of?

I'm a freshman in high school and I love math, science, and anything STEM related. I'm not sure exactly what I want to do yet but multiple types of engineering keep popping up. I want to find out what Biomedical Engineers and any other engineering careers consist of when it comes to actually...

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My dream is to become an Astronaut and fly on the ISS. What are some routes and majors that will help me achieve my dream?

There are many different way to become a Astronaut, like through the military or engineering. However, I love the sciences and have always wanted to become a scientist and an astronomer. What are possible ways to reach the cosmos and travel to the ISS and beyond? #science #scientist #biomedical...


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What are the different and possibly unique career opportunities for someone with a biomedical engineering degree?

I am a high school senior. I plan on pursuing my degree in the field of engineering, but I am struggling with the right discipline. I would like to know some real world applications. #engineering #engineer #biomedical-engineering #biomedical...


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As a biomedical Engieer, what new innovation in research is taking palce today that will impact the quality of life for someone with disabilities?

I would like to be a biomedical engineer. I designed a prototype prosthetic arm this summer. Besides the obvious, arms, legs, etc are there any new research for other types of medical disabilities. Are there any machines to detect cancer early? #mechanical-engineering #research...

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I'm currently a senior in high school and plan to get a masters in Biomedical engineering. If i want to work in prosthetics, would mechanical engineering or materials science be a better undergrad degree?

I fell in love with engineering early on in my high school career but finding the right engineering field is a challenge. There are so many that appeal to me. I spent time at a biomedical engineering company over the summer and they are working on tissue regeneration and I found it fascinating,...

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what are some colleges i should be looking at that has a good biomedical engineering program?

want to become a bio medical engineer. but is it a risky career? should i got into something else that would bring me into this field. im very interested in going into a major that has to deal with biology. - cells, genetics. etc #biology #biomedical-engineering #biomedical...


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