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How much do biomedical engineers get to help people? (ex: design new and better artificial organs/prosthetics; help a blind person see or a deaf person hear)

I plan on going to school to study biomedical engineering. I'm a really caring person and I need to have a career where I can help people, so I would like to know how good of a fit biomedical engineering would be for me....


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What colleges in Texas have a good biomedical engineering degree program?

I am interested in pursuing either a Bachelor's or Master's of Engineering in Biomedicine. I am between Texas A&M University and University of Texas at San Antonio. My dream school would be Texas A&M, but I have a friend who is majoring in Biomedical Engineering at UTSA as a junior. I am...

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How likely is it that a person with a bachelor's degree in bio-medical engineering will find a job soon after their degree is earned?

I am interested in the field of bio-medical engineering, and would like to know if pursuing a degree in this area of study would actually help my career to blossom after university. I will have many loans to pay back, and will need to have a secure job in order to financially support myself and...

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