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When working in the career of Journalism, is it as exciting as many people say? Or does the suspense come for certain types of areas of journalism?

I've always wondered what areas of Journalism are more exciting than the others. I mean, Journalism should be fun either way, but I've always wanted to know which ones brought about the most excitement. Which parts of Journalism spark that rush of love for the career? #career #journalism...

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Posted by Alaysia B.’s Avatar Alaysia B.
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Rebecca Searles | Social Community Editor at The Huffington Post Any area of journalism that has "news" will also probably have ...

What are the subjects studied to become a journalist?

I'm 16years old and I have a passion for reading to people to understand and enjoy and know what I'm talking about. I'm of Cameroonian origin and just had the ordinary levels, so as I'm going to high school I will like to study subjects that will help me become a journalist in future that is...

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Posted by Emmanuella Ringnyu N.’s Avatar Emmanuella Ringnyu N.
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Nariman Ahmed | Graduate Instructional Assistant at Texas State University at ... A liberal arts education provides a well-rounded education and a starting ...
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