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What would be the best path to take for someone trying to use their MBA to find a career working for a Government Contractor? (I.E. Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin, etc.)

I am asking because in the country I live in, San Diego, there are numerous government contractors here and looking at the careers offered, there is job security from what I can see. I have been told numerous times that I look like prior military and have the personality for it and am still...

#business-development #business-intelligence #business-operations


Active Feb 05 at 22:25

1 answers

Posted by Alejandro O.
Holly Reuter | Environmental Consultant/Project Manager Government contractors fill a wide variety of positions. There is good ...
Joanne Mammarelli | Systems Engineer There's nothing wrong with a Business Informations System degree .. however ...

What education is recommended for a career in Human Resources?

I am looking to pursue a career in HR and am currently completing by Bachelor's and am wondering if I should be considering graduate studies in Business, possibly an MBA? #business #business-management #business-development #business-analysis #business-intelligence #hr #hr-consulting...



Active Nov 05 '17 at 17:03

6 answers

Posted by Nicole C.
Anwar Khan | Project Program Management Sr. Advisor at Dell Many people are eager to start a career in Human Resources, ...

What does it take to be successful in business marketing?

In the future I want to pursue a career in business marketing. #business #business-management #business-development #business-intelligence...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:47

1 answers

Posted by avonte' W.
vineet Selvaraj | Call Rtg and Sched Sr. Assoc, GIRC Operations ... You must not only know your product, you must be aware ...
John Combs | Staff TechOps Engineer at VMware Business Systems is an interesting field and will keep you interested ...

How do you manage your money successfully while starting your business as an entrepreneur?

I am very self dependant but I have to spend on necessary things when I have a book of ideas I what to start. But I always get caught up in which one I really want to start and how much money it would need to start it. How would j be able to manage my bills and invest in my ideas along with...

#money-management #business-intelligence #business-development #budgeting #entrepreneurship #business-management


Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:46

3 answers

Posted by Jeremiah D.
Steve Johnson | product management expert, speaker, author, coach For a startup, cash is king. Don't spend money on anything ...

How does the concept of the dialogical self impact our daily conversations?

The dialogical self is the mind's ability to imagine the different positions of participants in an internal dialogue in close connections with external dialogue. This theory weaves together two conecpts: self and dialogue to understand interconnections of self and society. How does this theory...

#sociology #psychology #marketing #research #communications #public-relations #business-intelligence #personality


Active Dec 23 '17 at 16:14

1 answers

Posted by Liana S.
Hagen Finley | Technical Sales DELL Alliances Hello Liana, This is a pretty abstract question and not necessarily ...

How would I help implement my Microsoft abilities into a career in business?

I am currently earning my degree in Information Systems Technology but am planning in going into the business part of IT. Also, I am earning my Microsoft certifications - going for the MOS Master certificate. #information-technology #business-intelligence #microsoft-office #presentations...

#microsoft-powerpoint #microsoft-access #microsoft-excel #microsoft-word


Active Nov 17 '17 at 23:50

3 answers

Posted by Brandon H.
Edwin Albert | Business Intelligence & Analytics Microsoft Office is much more than mostly people people know, MOS ...

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