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When should I start visiting colleges?

Should I visit before I apply, like in the summer after my junior year? Or after I apply and get accepted? Because why would I visit a place that might not accept me? #campus-visit #college-admissions...



Active Dec 19 '17 at 05:18

3 answers

Posted by Sydnie R.
Frantisek Dvorsky | Product and Business Manager at Dell If I had the opportunity to visit the college before applying ...

What should I keep in mind as I start visiting universities?

I have to start visiting information sessions about colleges, like attending an information session about Dartmouth College in an upcoming week. Since this is my first ever information session, what should I keep in mind as I am about to attend one? I want to know how it would more or less go...

#dartmouth #advice #helping-others #college #campus-visit


Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:43

1 answers

Posted by Gloria S.
Robin Martin | Executive Support When visiting universities you want to take the following into account: ...

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