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What is the successful path to becoming an oncologist and having your own practice?

Hi,I am asking this because I want to own my own cancer research by using chemicals to slow down the rate of cancer cells. #doctor #science...



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Posted by Byron  P.’s Avatar Byron P.
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Michelle Henry | Director, Community Relations at Barclays Cancer research is done by either PhDs or MD PhDs. If ...

With better cancer medications available, is a career in radiation therapy a good career to get into or is it slowing down?

I am starting college in the fall for pre-radiation therapy. Getting into a radiation therapy program is very difficult as they only take 7 student. So, I know that they are not graduating many therapists per year. Also, there are only 2 universities in my state that even offer the program....

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Posted by Emily D.’s Avatar Emily D.
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Misty Miller | CLG @ AT&T DirecTV There is most definitely always going to be a need for ...
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