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What is life like for a Surgeon?

I wanna know what people who have been through the schooling, and the residency's opinions are after the years of sacrifice. #surgery #cardiothoracic-surgeon...



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Posted by Desoray T.’s Avatar Desoray T.

How many years of college do you need to be a heart surgeon?

i'm in 10th grade and i want to be a heart surgeon when i grow up #surgery #cardiothoracic-surgeon #medical-practice #doctor...



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2 answers

Posted by hassan R.’s Avatar hassan R.
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恺 唐 | 城市经理 - 戴尔 I think it will take me at least 8 years to ...

What type of situations do heart surgeons face?

i'm asking this so i know what kind of stuff do i need to go through #doctor #surgery #cardiothoracic-surgeon #medical-practice #medicine...



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Posted by hassan R.’s Avatar hassan R.
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Dr. Raymond Gazaille | President at DRCRNA, INC This article should help. Good luck!

what are some jobs related to being a surgeon, but don't require years of medical school?

i wanted to be a cardiac surgeon, but i realized it wouldn't work well because i don't enjoy school much, and becoming a surgeon takes years of extra schooling. #medical-school #cardiothoracic-surgeon #medicine #surgery #hospital-and-health-care...



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Posted by kayla K.’s Avatar kayla K.
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james ploskon | Hospital & Health Care Professional registered nurse, or tech, anesthesiology tech
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