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How would one go about choosing a career in research versus a career in the medical field? Pros and cons of each?

I plan to matriculate and major in neuroscience this fall. I am quite certain about this choice but I wanted to know the opportunities available to me once I graduate in 2020. My initial thought was medical school, as many others choose, but I started thinking about research, particularly in...

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Is proficiency in Java enough to get you placed in good company?

I'm a graduate student(MS Computer Science) and I'm gonna be graduating in a year and a half and I wanted to know if there is any skill that I must have besides Java. I would like to know what are the other programming languages/skills that any employer can expect from a potential employee with...

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What impacts does studying abroad have on your career?

I want to study abroad while pursuing my Master's degree in Accounting and Finance and I am considering earning my masters degree abroad- studying for about two years in another country. Will studying abroad/earning a degree abroad in the business field affect my opportunities of pursuing a...

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What kind of jobs can I get in the future with a degree in physical sciences?

I have always wanted to go into the sciences, my junior year I took physics as a class and loved it. I've been researching majors in physics and there are many schools in my area with astounding physics programs. I'm simply unsure about what I would be able to do in the future with this type of...

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If I major in research and experimental psychology would I be able to create psychological programs (international, local, etc.)?

I was told I could be able to create psychological programs, for example a program for children suffering from ptsd, but was not told specifically what to study or how to do so. I would truly like to have this a future career option and would like to know how I would be able to achieve it....

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How do I get past my fear of doing more harm than good in my future career in medicine?

As a doctor, there will be times where I will mess up a procedure or will not be able to save a patient; this will end with a life being lost. How do I get past my fear of being responsible for the deaths I may take part in and have them define me more than the lives I might save. #medicine...

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Marketing degree

A marketing degree Is a pretty broad and general degree. What are some specific type of career paths a graduate may expect to follow once they receive their degree ? #career #marketing #career-advice...


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How do you know that the career path you are going down is the right one for you?

I have been undecided on my major for a year and I worry about choosing the right one for me. It feels like a lot of pressure to choose a career path that I will stay on for the rest of my professional career when I am only 19 years old. How will I know when I have chosen the right...

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What are some of the things that you look for when choosing the right career?

There are many skills and interests that I have and they all relate to different job fields. The problem that I am having is being able to pick the right career for the right reason. Some things that I look at are the salary, being passionate about my job, job growth, or it simply fitting my...

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If you are interested in studying occupational thearpy as a major, but it is not listed in the majors offered at the school can you study it under another major at the school?

There aren't many schools that I have looked into that offer occupational therapy as its own major and I am starting to question if it is its own major. In addition I was wondering if it could fall into other majors/fields of study in college. #occupational-therapy #college-majors #career...

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How does the path to becoming a plastic surgeon differ from that of a general surgeon?

Recently, I've been intrigued by a fascinating and controversial career: plastic/reconstructive surgeon. How does the path toward becoming a plastic surgeon differ from someone aspiring to be a general surgeon? And what does this journey entail? It has always haunted me on whether there is...

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Is it possible to get a degree in exercise science, and not specialize in something yet still get a good paying job?

I know I want an exercise science degree, but i'm not sure what I want to use it for. Since it is so generic and broad, can I get a bachelors degree in it, and get a good job without specializing? #sports-medicine #medicine #college #career #lost #hospital #physicaltherapy #workout...

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