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Does it matter to employers that you graduate college with honors?

Still in school and want to know whether or not I should make straight A's on everything. #career...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:58

16 answers

Posted by Devetra C.’s Avatar Devetra C.
JENNA ZEBROWSKI | Bilingual JD/MBA with compliance and regulatory experience and ... Making straight As is always an admirable thing, you shouldn't do ...

Is taking a semester off for an internship a good choice?

As part of my school's Accounting and Taxation Honor Program, there is a requirement to take the winter semester of our senior year off for an internship. This internship will give me an insight into the accounting field as well as possibly landing me a job after college. All my financial aid...

#career-development #career-choice #accounting #accountant #school-counseling #career-path #career-counseling #internships


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5 answers

Posted by Esther C.’s Avatar Esther C.
Ollie Jones’s Avatar
Ollie Jones | Software Engineer at Glance Networks It is a good idea to put your education on hold ...

What are the biggest obstacles in being an artist?

Many people have told me that a life as an artist is hard due to many hardships/obstacles but nobody has specified as to what they were. I'm curious as to knowing what kinds of challenges I may face if I end up taking up this path. #art #career-path #artist #career-development...



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2 answers

Posted by Gabby G.’s Avatar Gabby G.
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William Koch | Chief Operating Officer The first thing you have to do is determine what kind ...

How important is Social Media literacy to employers?

Should all employees know today's biggest social media platforms or just employees looking to work as Social Media coordinators and other related positions? What are some benefits if any to being literate in platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, and the like?...

#social-media #social-media-marketing #career-development


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7 answers

Posted by Mounia M.’s Avatar Mounia M.
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Chris Anderson | Quality Engineer at Honeywell I would not make this the focus of your resume, unless ...

What can I do to gain more leadership experience in college?

From the start of college, I have joined many clubs and organizations to get involved. However, lately I've been stressing out because every time I desire to join a committee or become a board member, I never quite succeed. Will not obtaining leadership positions hinder my potential to...

#organizational-leadership #career-development #leadership #career-path #student-clubs #organization #employment


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Active Aug 14 at 20:55

5 answers

Posted by Esther C.’s Avatar Esther C.
David DiGiammarino’s Avatar
David DiGiammarino | Sales and Marketing Hi Esther! First of all, it's amazing that you're focused on ...

What can I do to stand out in today's working world?

With competition only getting stronger by the year, I'm afraid that by the time I graduate college, it will be extremely hard to get a job in the field I want to go into- Economics and Finance. What other academic opportunities (other than and undergrad degree) can I pursue to make myself stand...

#college-graduate #career #career-development #college-major #employers #career-education


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:01

2 answers

Posted by Prithvi A.’s Avatar Prithvi A.
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Chris Meunier | Sr. Technical Program Manager at LinkedIn I highly recommend getting an internship, or multiple throughout your college ...

What are the pros and cons of Ivy Leagues compared to other colleges?

In all aspects, including socially, academically, financially, career-wise,etc., how do Ivy Leagues compare to other colleges/universities? Does their prestige affect the overall outcome of one's future? #college #career #university #career-path #social #career-development #ivy-league...



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1 answers

Posted by Daniella F.’s Avatar Daniella F.
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bridget navoda | Senior Product Development Manager Hi Daniella! Many of your peers ask the same question! Use ...

Is there a better career outlook to double major in accounting and a computer related major (CIS) or accounting and a language major (Chinese)?

I soon have to declare my major in order to sort out the necessary courses with my college adviser for the upcoming years. However, I am stumped. I have always intended to major in accounting and a computer related major like Computer Informational System, but recently I started hearing about...

#career #career-development #college-major #career-choice #career-counseling #career-path #employment #employer-relations


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Active Oct 10 at 01:10

3 answers

Posted by Esther C.’s Avatar Esther C.
Rebecca Beyer Shark’s Avatar
Rebecca Beyer Shark | Associate Director of Career Services at University of ... An accounting degree paired with a CS minor is a great ...

What are a few jobs at your company that I probably have never heard of?

I have no idea what I want to do, so i'm always trying to learn more about what career options are out there. I want to learn about new careers, ones I probably haven't ever heard of. Any ideas or information would help, thanks. #business #technology #human-resources...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:15

8 answers

Posted by Dan L.’s Avatar Dan L.
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Janet Barlett | HR Analytics at Fannie Mae Some teams that I often work with and never knew about ...

Why did you choose your job?

I would like to know for my future career....



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Active Jan 15 at 05:16

4 answers

Posted by Brenden S.’s Avatar Brenden S.
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Ethel Walker | Experienced Operations Director, Business Consultant and Program Manager Hello Brenden, This is an interesting question. For me, the answer ...

How old should I be when I get my first formal job?

Many people have work experience such as in sales or being a waiter when they are very young. Is that important? I don't know what I want to do longer term with my future, but I think it would help me to know how old I should be when I get my first job. Is there a "general" answer to this...

#career-counseling #career-choice #human-resources #career-development #career-paths


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:53

5 answers

Posted by Ena W.’s Avatar Ena W.
Gerard Baltrusaitis’s Avatar
Gerard Baltrusaitis | Internship/Employment Specialist at JVS Detroit In my opinion, the younger the better. My children started their ...

What are the best jobs to have while in high school?

I want my resume to be impressive, even when i'm young. What are the best jobs to have on your resume going into college? Which jobs will give me the most valuable experiences? #career #human-resources...



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Active Feb 27 at 08:06

4 answers

Posted by Kay J.’s Avatar Kay J.
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Rie Takagi | Director, Business Program Management, Customer Service and Support ... Hi, Kay, Congratulation on being so proactive about your career! I ...

How can I create my personal brand?

What are things that I can do to help create my brand? Will creating a career portfolio help with personal branding? #career #career-development #personal-branding #portfolio...



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4 answers

Posted by Mounia M.’s Avatar Mounia M.
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Adam Brittain | Senior Value Manager at Workday For me, my personal brand has to do with how I ...

How necessary is it to obtain an internship before you graduate college?

An internship is the one task that I did not complete as an undergrad. I am now applying for them and have noticed that the vast majority of internships have a requirement that the applicant be a student. #internships #students...



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6 answers

Posted by Nick S.’s Avatar Nick S.
Rebecca Beyer Shark’s Avatar
Rebecca Beyer Shark | Associate Director of Career Services at University of ... Companies is some industries (finance/Investment Banking and also consulting) definitely place ...
John Noble’s Avatar
John Noble | Principal at Noble Career Strategies Hi, Rachel: so, you're thinking about grad school . . . ...

What are some good ways to approach professional people that I don't know on LinkedIn?

I heard a lot about how important it is to get connected with people if one wants to find a job or know more about a specific industry beforehand. What are some ways to approach strangers on LinkedIn that will result in more positive feedback and help me succeed in social networking and job...

#social-networking #networking #career #career-paths #career-development #linkedin #new-hires #job-search


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Active Jun 07 at 20:18

7 answers

Posted by Hollie C.’s Avatar Hollie C.
ShaRon Bynum’s Avatar
ShaRon Bynum | Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt I personally do not accept invitations from strangers on Linked In. ...

How many back up plans should you have?


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:58

11 answers

Posted by Devetra C.’s Avatar Devetra C.
Lauren LaPorte Somers, EDD, LCPC’s Avatar
Lauren LaPorte Somers, EDD, LCPC | Psychotherapy, Higher Education, IT, Faculty, Research First, I would evaluate the "why and how" of the situation ...

what are some of the best sites for finding job postings?

should i use any other job posting site other than indeed. does different job posting sites have different jobs listed ? #engineering #jobs #career-counseling #career-path #software #software-engineering #software-development...



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Active May 14 at 16:45

5 answers

Posted by preethi M.’s Avatar preethi M.
Gary Stephen Petito’s Avatar
Gary Stephen Petito | Career Guru Hi, You have good answer above but I will add that ...

can i pursue journalism and motivational speaking career together

i have intrests in journalism and also motivational speaking . i am currently studying the combination : journalism, psychology, English literature, communicative English #career-counseling #career-choice #journalism #careers #career-development #social-media #motivational-speaking...



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Active Dec 01 '17 at 09:48

4 answers

Posted by Hajara N.’s Avatar Hajara N.
Daniela Silva’s Avatar
Daniela Silva | Educational Writer- New Heights Educational Group Hello, Completing a Mass Communications Degree will allow you to examine ...

How can you find real-life applications for your major?

I would love to know if there are databases or websites that show specific careers and job opportunities specific to your major. #career-counseling #career-choice #career-paths #careers...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:43

4 answers

Posted by Hannah R.’s Avatar Hannah R.
Brian Pickup’s Avatar
Brian Pickup | Senior Program/Project Manager at Dell EMC I would suggest going and speaking to the career center at ...

What sort of college degree would allow me to find a career traveling the world?

starting college this fall for international business degree. I want to see the world so i figured this will be my path to do that and make money at the same time. so i am wondering if there are any other college/ career paths to achieve a career traveling the world #college #career...

#college-majors #career-counseling #career-development #career-path


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Active Mar 16 at 14:05

3 answers

Posted by nicholas H.’s Avatar nicholas H.
Gerard Baltrusaitis’s Avatar
Gerard Baltrusaitis | Internship/Employment Specialist at JVS Detroit Nicholas, First off, Congratulations! Pursuing a college degree in any field ...

How do you reconcile between following your passion and choosing a career that can support you financially?

Hello! I am a recent college graduate (got my BA), and I've been recently doing some deep soul searching in terms of life purpose and mission. There is a part of me that wants to go straight for things that I'm interested in but at the same time, I do want to be practical and be in a...

#career #career-counseling #personal-development #life-coach #career-development


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:56

4 answers

Posted by Paajcha Julie X.’s Avatar Paajcha Julie X.
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Jessica Montgomery | Youth Employment and Training Advisor | Helping Young ... That is a hard question to answer because it is different ...

Am I suppose to know what I want to do as soon as I graduate college?

There are many things that I desire and it is so tough for me to pick that very special one! Psychology has so much to offer and I am just lost in the middle. The options upon options never end. I feel as if I should definitely know what it is that I want to do once I graduate. I mean, I...

#career #career-counseling #career-choice #career-development #career-path


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Active Feb 02 at 16:51

4 answers

Posted by Mitchell A.’s Avatar Mitchell A.
Wayne Fonville’s Avatar
Wayne Fonville | Ohio Mitchell, you are to be commended for asking this question and ...

What should I do after high school?

I am a junior in high school, and I have a pretty decent GPA (3.7+). I am taking many advanced placement classes, and I'm doing well in them. I have been thinking about my future recently, since I will need to decide soon whether I want to go to college or not. What options other than going to...

#career #administration #career-development #career-choice #college #career-counseling #career-path #job-search


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:50

4 answers

Posted by Albert P.’s Avatar Albert P.
Wayne Fonville’s Avatar
Wayne Fonville | Ohio You ask a valid question. The short answer is: Yes you ...

How do I start in a career?

Hello, I am a recent graduate and I have various skills in design, media, research, and web. Despite this, I am a beginner within all of these fields and I can't tell which career I should enter into or how. A lot of these jobs require a lot of experience. While I am very good and a hardworker,...

#web-design #career #career-development #marketing #recruiting #marketing-and-advertising #graphics #career-counseling


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4 answers

Posted by Katie S.’s Avatar Katie S.
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Cuong Nguyen | Web Designer/Motion Graphic Designer Hi Katie,It will definitely take some time when searching for a ...

What are some reliable sources to find internships?

Lately, I've been trying to find some internships because it is one of the closest ways a high school student can truly understand the real world and what career one wants to pursue. It is really easy to search things up on Google, but I'm not sure if it is reliable. I personally would love to...

#career #career-development #internship #intern #creative-internship #career-path #job-search #internships


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3 answers

Posted by Daniella F.’s Avatar Daniella F.
Genevieve Cawthorn’s Avatar
Genevieve Cawthorn | Transactional Attorney with Experience in Tech and are good sources. You can also check out ...

I am interested in philanthropy and foundations. There are no undergraduate or post-secondary programs in this field.What should I study, and where?

I haven't found any undergraduate university or college programs specific for a career in philanthropy. How do I get started? #career-counseling #career-choice...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:55

2 answers

Posted by Arianne B.’s Avatar Arianne B.
Bhavna Chadalavada’s Avatar
Bhavna Chadalavada If you are interested in philanthropy and foundations, there are a ...

What kind of questions showuld i ask in an internship interview?

I have some internship interviews coming up soon for internships in transportation management and logistics. Should I ask question to the interviewer? If so what kind of questions? #career #internships #interviews #career-development...



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4 answers

Posted by Zachary Y.’s Avatar Zachary Y.
matthew adeleye’s Avatar
matthew adeleye Ask them if there is room for professional development in their ...

what are the career options for a computer science graduate?


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:55

4 answers

Posted by preethi M.’s Avatar preethi M.
Ian Gudger’s Avatar
Ian Gudger | Software Engineer at Google With software being more and more prevalent, almost every field needs ...

How to naturally navigate a conversation with employers during career fair?

I have attended my first career fair as a freshman last fall. I prepared myself by searching about the main firms that I am interested in. However, after introducing myself, I was struggling to naturally ask questions about the company like their stocks and current events that I have researched...

#career-counseling #communications #employment #career-advice #career-development


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Active Apr 19 at 00:14

4 answers

Posted by Esther C.’s Avatar Esther C.
Col Sen MP, Ph.D’s Avatar
Col Sen MP, Ph.D | Consultant & Career Coach Hello Esther,Great question indeed! Your question reminds me of a similar ...
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