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Is it possible to major in languages in which more than one language is mastered at once?

I am currently interested in majoring in languages, however through research found that most majors are limited to specifics. For example I pick up dialect, word choice, and accent quickly and have put it in practice; more than volunteer requirements but as a career. I can't seem to find a...

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Music Psychology advice?

Can anyone share their experiences if they have ever taken music psychology course or enroll in music psychology programs? it seems to me that most programs available in this area are in UK, but if you know there are programs available elsewhere, please leave a comment #psychology...

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Is it a good idea to put some of the modules/subjects taken at college in the resume?

I am a fresh graduate in the midst of finding a suitable job. While searching various positions, I have found that some companies require knowledge in a particular area. For instance if I am applying for an Inspection Engineer position which requires knowledge in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)...

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What school subjects do I need to study Journalism and do i need maths core?

I have a personal interest in literature, the English language and in whats happening in the world. My dream is to one day become a journalist and in order for me to achieve this, I need to have taken the correct subjects in school. I come from South Africa which is a rich and diverse country...

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Regarding the future of Physician Assistants, do you believe they will be allowed to do more in their respective areas of work.

I am considering a career as a Physician Assistant and I have always heard that PAs are not allowed to do as much as the Physicians. I am curious about the job and how it will change in the future. #doctor #science #medical #pre-med #physician #careers #hospitals #hospital...

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If I am unsure of which job field I'm going into, how do I know whether I should go to college? Should I take a gap year?

I am very much considering taking a gap year, however some people around me seem to discourage it. I know I do not want to go into college if I go into a field where it is unnecessary, such as filming, which I am considering. Any suggestions? #college #career #career-choice #careers #gap-year...


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I have a challenge for you today. What are...?

What are the real life job equivalences to jobs like in the movie TheTransporter(2002), Drive(2011)? If you haven't seen the movies here's a quick summary of their jobs: - TheTransporter: Main character delivers packages from point A to point B for the mob. He works by a strict set of rules...

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How do I decide what I want to do for the rest of my life? I want to do so much and do not know how to limit myself.

I am struggling with what I want to study and then do after college because so much appeals to me, but I do not know what to do. Right now, I am looking to possibly transfer schools because one school offers more options for me to explore, but I also love what I am studying at my school now....

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What are some ways that people have found helpful for dealing with mental illness in the professional world?

I'm a high school student concerned about how my mental health issues (multiple anxiety disorders) may impact my professional career in the future. I'd love to hear from people who have had experience with this issue. #professional #careers #mental-health #depression #mental-illness #anxiety...

#personal-development #anxiety-management #anxiety-disorders

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How easy is it to be hired to an art-related job outside of teaching art after you graduate?

Peopel say certain majors are seen as iirational because of way they will be beneficial after secondary schooling. However, I have yet to be informed on the actual possibilities of jobs for those mahors and why they are so difficult to have a career in. #jobs #art #careers...


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What are some possible careers l can "land" if I have a degree in computer science?

I want to study astronomy but I also want to study computer science because people tell me it is a good academic and career option especially in this day and age. However, I don't know what careers require a computer science degree or at least is associated with a computer science degree....

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What are some new careers that are going to arise in the next 10 years or so?

I am a student going into my junior year of high school. I understand that new careers are always being developed and am interested in what kind of careers will emerge in the future. Right now I am considering different career paths for me to take, as I am soon going to be graduating and...

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