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Which careers are good if I enjoy working with kids?

I have been volunteering, and I have found that I really like working with kids. What careers would allow me to be around kids and work with kids? I have already considered the teaching options, e.g., in a day-care, preschool, or elementary school, but I am looking for other ideas for...

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Child, Family and School Social Worker

Hey I understand that a child, family and school social worker, work with children and families who are struggling with social and psychological issues at schools, in the home or in their communities. And these environments interact with a wide variety of issues related to children, families...

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When should I have kids?

The thought of having a kid right now makes my skin crawl, so obviously I'm not ready for children yet. But sometimes I worry I'll never be ready for them. Or even think I'm ready for them. My parents had a surprise kid when I was 15, so I've basically helped raise her. Let me tell you, it has...

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What is the difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist in terms of what they are able to do in their field and the degrees they need to earn before they can practice?

I'm a junior in high school genuinely interested in the study of the mind and helping people, specifically children. I just can't really wrap my mind around what's the difference between these two titles. #psychology #psychiatry...


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What are some of the resources available to help you make the right diagnosis on a patient once you're a doctor?

I've always wanted to be a pediatrician. However, recently I've grown afraid thinking I will be subject to medical malpractice, I don't want that to happen since my main goal is to help others, especially children. So I wanted to know what are some of the resources available to help you be...

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How can I inspire corporations to invest in community initiatives that will empower youth?

So many children are missing out on the growth opportunities and empowering experiences provided by team sports programs. The reason? Sports programs are expensive to organize. When parents and guardians are working just to pay bills and put food on the table, they cannot afford to pay for...

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I want to become a music teacher for smaller children like in kindergarten, is this a good idea?

I want younger children to be exposed to various types of music because music is a major thing in the world. I do not know how to play any instruments very well besides the saxophone, which will not help me. However, I do want to try and open up a daycare with my bestfriend, and within some...

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What is my Nursing Specialty

I've taken a few quizzes and I've found a possible interest in being a pediatric nurse. I do love children, but I don't know if I'd do well in that setting. I'm outgoing, very energetic, not very detail oriented (but a perfectionist at times), I like either working in small groups with people I...

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How do I find the right career path?

Teachers, family members, and friends advise you to pick a career / career path that you will enjoy. The problem with that is I don't know what I want to do. I don't want to wait till the last second to pick my career choice either. I know I would prefer a job that involves helping others and /...

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