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What is the best major for someone who wants to be an orthodontist?

I am a junior in high school and am looking into majors. I already know that I want to become an orthodontist, but I am not sure if I should choose a STEM major with a Humanities/Social Science minor or a Humanities/Social Science major and a STEM major? Also, what are good combinations of...

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How did you narrow down your options of what you would study after high school?

I am a senior in high school, and I am trying to narrow down my options of what field I would like to study when I go to college next fall. I enjoy math and science. I had always viewed my options as going into the medical field or becoming a math or P.E. teacher. I am involved in sports and...

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Should I choose a college specifically because it is strong in a specific major even if I am not certain that I want to pursue that major?

I am thinking of studying business as an undergraduate and some colleges have strong business programs but are otherwise average in quality of education. If I am not confident that I will pursue this route, should I choose a college like that to attend? #college-major #college-bound...

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Do I need a concentration or minor in college to be competitive for jobs?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at CareerVillage. Now that many of my classmates are planning their futures at their chosen colleges, rumors are abounding about the usefulness of concentrations, minors, and even double majors. Do they really help boost your resume,...

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What other branches of studies should Information Security students look into?

I've interned with Citibank for the past few years and I had an opportunity to work with the cyber security team. With the majors I have been advised to pursue they all lead to computer science. As a college freshmen I don't have to make the final decision but I was wondering if anyone in the...

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Chemistry vs Chemical Engineering

What are the pros and cons for majoring in each? How to choose one over the other? What jobs can I pursue with each? Can I switch from each? How? Graduate options? Any other advice on choosing one as a major. #chemical-engineering #chemistry #choosing-a-major #chemicals...

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I realized I strongly dislike my major. What should I do?

I started college three years ago as an Architecture major (my program is 5 years long). I dreamed to be an architect since I was around 8 years old, so I thought it would my ideal college major... but even after three weeks into my freshman year I realized it wasn't what I really wanted. My...

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How often did you change your major and at what point did you recognize the direction you wanted to go

I am undecided as to a major which puts a lot of pressure on me to make a choice. I don't like change so making a choice will most likely define my path which is frightening. I have watched my dad work in a profession that he felt trapped in and I don't want that to be my future. #career...

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Which universities accept foreign students to study medicine ?

The following sentences are taken from Government of Canada "Can I choose any program of study I want at a Canadian institution? You have access to most of them, but not all. Some are “closed” or subject to quotas (as is the case in Medicine, Physiotherapy, Dentistry and...

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What is the difference between finance and accounting? Is one more favorable in the job market?

Stuck between Accounting and Finance, I cannot tell the difference between these two majors after visiting so many different websites. All the websites state that both would deal with budgeting and analysis. I am now wondering what are the main differences between an accounting and finance...

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If therapy can help me make the right choice, how do I convince my parents that its neccessary for me?

My name is Briana, and I'm currently a freshman at my community college. Now in one of my previous questions, I had expressed some confusion as what to do for my major and those who responded to this suggested I seek out therapy/ mental help to clear up my concerns associated with past bullying...

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Is Mechanical Engineering a good first-choice major if I'm currently a high school senior and unsure which branch of Engineering I should delve into?

I've always heard that Mechanical Engineering is one of the more broad branches of Engineering, and so I was wondering - If I want to keep myself open to the possibility of changing my major to a different field of Engineering, then would it be a good idea to start out with Mechanical...

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Can I major in Public Relations while also following the pre-med track to become a doctor

I am currently a senior and I'm in the process of deciding my major for college. I definitely know that I would like to become a doctor, so following the Pre-Med track is a given but what I've come to realize is that I also enjoy Public relations. So, my question is can I major in public...

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Which career pharmacist , nurse practitioner, physician assistant , and nurse anesthetist will be high demand high pay in the future?

I'm thinking between pharmacist , nurse practitioner, physician assistant , and nurse anesthetist career options that will fit my lifestyle but I don't know which career will be in high demand . #nurse #job-search #pharmacists #job-market #choosing-a-major...


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