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How can I manage my time better? I try my best but I know that it isn't good enough. I'm still running out of time 90% of the time!!!!

I need to improve my time management skills because this will definitely help me be better and more successful in life. I'm already having a hard time managing my time wisely in high school, I'm scared what could happen in college! Ahhhh! Help! #help #timemanagement #highschool...


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Does where you go to college really matter? Is money an actual valid reason for giving up your top choice school?

I have the chance to go to a decent school with a good program for free plus room and board grants, and they are also guaranteeing me a spot in their graduate school. However, I feel that the school is not for me. I feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic there, and I don't feel any connection to...

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With a busy after school schedule what are some things that stand out in college applications that are not school affiliated?

It's a well known fact that colleges look for many extracurricular activities while viewing an individual's application. At my school I am involved with the drama club and due to the intense schedule of productions, whenever I have free time in the year it is at an awkward time (only December,...

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What are the best majors for the future?

I really want to know what majors that won't get old and good for the future, I don't want to study something that wouldn't help me in the future of the UAE #college...


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How do I put my best into my college and how do I grow with my college?

The reason why I am asking this is because I want to give my best to the college that I am in and I want to take my privilege at my college. I will value my time and effort being at my college because we are learning and growing together. Not only that, I am representing my college and I should...


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How would one go about choosing a career in research versus a career in the medical field? Pros and cons of each?

I plan to matriculate and major in neuroscience this fall. I am quite certain about this choice but I wanted to know the opportunities available to me once I graduate in 2020. My initial thought was medical school, as many others choose, but I started thinking about research, particularly in...

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What is your definition of success?

Our whole lives are tailored towards becoming successful but everyone's definition of it seems to change from profession to profession and from person to person. As I transition from high school to college I want a deeper understanding as to how to achieve true success in all of my endeavors....

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Why is looking for colleges so hard?

I know that it has to suit you for many reasons, but why does it always have to be such a long process. I don't know, I just want to know will there ever be an easy process for finding a good college? #college...


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