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How different is real life from college?

Does college prepare you tot take care of yourself in the 'real world'? Are the skills I learn here pertinent to life after and if not what resources can I pursue to help me in life?...


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Is it worth graduating college early if you can?

I have the option of finishing college in only 3 years instead of 4 but I am getting a mix of options from that. My parents believe college should just be to go in and get out as fast as you can, but alumni and other adults say i should take the 4years to really live out my time and not rush...

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What should I look for in a college?

I have a large number of colleges that I have been looking at, but I do not know how to narrow down my options. What is considered a "good" college or a "bad" college? What are some good characteristics I should look for in a college (like tuition, financial aid, campus, etc.)? #college...

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How to be more social in college

I'm just asking this because I don't know how to outside of obvious reasons. I tried joining a Fraternity but it got too serious too fast. I also have Epilepsy which forbids me from alcohol and other substances. How do I manage to make and keep friends in college when all I find fare people...

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Is having student debt worth it?

I'm asking because I am wondering if someone decided to go to a more expensive school rather than a cheaper school with the same amenities- basically everything is the same, except the name of the school. I am currently trying to decide whether being in debt from school is worth it because I...

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Does it matter which college you go to?

I'm asking because I was accepted into my dream college but it is over $50,000 and I cannot afford that. I want to find somewhere cheaper, but I also want to try and make it into this school because I fell in love with it and it has a good accounting program. To simplify this, does it matter...

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What's it's like being in college?

everybody always says its fun and you get to do what you want but is it really all that's it cracked up to be. I wanna make the right decision and I know I have to experience it for myself but I still would Love some people opinions on it.#college-life #college...


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