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What should I do to increase my chances of getting a job on a college campus?

I'm planning to live on campus, and I would like to save money and doing my part to keep the environment clean by not driving a car throughout college. However, I know that it's highly advisable to get a job during college to be able to cover daily expenses and work on paying student debt. What...


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What kinds of summer jobs should I be looking for?

I am working on getting a job for this summer and I have been applying to every single place I can think of. The problem i have right now is that I just finished my freshman year of college and the place I worked in high school recently shut down. No business wants to hire and train someone to...

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Is getting a job during college beneficial or detrimental?

I was considering getting a job my freshman year of college because ive got a few bills to pay. Many people that I have talked to say that it is a bad idea as I will still be adjusting to the lifestyle and will have far too many things going on to have a job get in the way. I am still however...

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Should I try to be a CNA my senior year, or should I wait until after high school?

I am currently a high school junior and am interested in becoming a Cardiologist. My high school offers a CNA class, but so does a college a few minutes away (CWI). I am also going to be taking some classes at the college my senior year. So the real question is: Is it worth becoming a CNA if my...

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Should I work while being a college student?

Hello, I am a senior this year, and college is coming rapidly. I know money will be tight in college, but I also know I will be extremely busy going to class and studying. I am thinking I will likely get some kind of simple teenager-ish part-time job (fast-food, retail, etc.) while going to...

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Should uni student start a nigh shift full-time job or normal part time job?

I'm a full time student, but wanna try some related jobs to gain experience. I can only find full-time at this moment. I'm not available on the day time, so I'm thinking about the nigh shift full-time jobs, is this ok? Any suggestion for me, to take night shift full time jobs or part time?...

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