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What percentage of students in college change their major or declare an undecided major after their first year?

I wasn't sure about what I wanted to major in until recently and I was curious as to whether the odds of me changing my major were high or not. At the moment I don't feel like I will change my major, but my parents and other adults have told me many stories of them changing their majors even...


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For a person looking to pursue a career in Museum Fabrication, what college programs/Majors would give me the best skills and training?

I am a 9th grader and who is interested greatly in pursuing museum fabrication as a career. I have been apprenticing and training with a professional fabricator and have become very invested in the job. I have recently started looking for majors that would give me the right skills and training...

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What should I major in for Pre-Med

I want to be a doctor, but I am getting mixed answers to what I should major in. First I heard Biology, but then I heard that this is too generic and I should major in a humanity. If I majored in a humanity what would look best to medical schools? I am interested in Philosophy, but am worried...

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What are the benefits of double majoring?

I feel like Double Majoring in two similar subjects, Engineering and Mathematics. However, I feel as if the work-load will increase significantly. I already have to take 192 units, so how many more units would I take for a mathematics major. #college-majors #engineering...


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