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How do people avoid being in det after college?

I come from not a very wealthy family and I am the first college students but i want to know how to save my money but still get an education....


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Would it be better to go to a community college or a four year college?

At this point I am a junior in high school, and I am wondering if I should go to a community college. I have my sister telling me that going to one could help you complete the general ed much cheaper. However, I have my parents pressuring me to go straight to a four year school....


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Are some colleges better than others?

I have been searching for colleges that I would like to apply this upcoming December. But does the college that I attend to affect me later in life? I want to major in medicine and education. Please help!...


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Is living in a living community a good idea?

I'm not sure what to do. I want to meet new people, but I also want to make sure I have friends in my classes. Will I be missing out on a lot if I chose a living community? I want to participate in everything college has to offer and I'm afraid a living community would restrict me to a small...

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Which option would be best?

I'm having trouble deciding where to go to college. Excluding the costs, I want to go out of state. But I also had an idea that maybe I should go to college in-state first for the first 4 years then go to college out of state for grad...And I'd like to get out of my comfort zone and become a...

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Is it a good idea to work while attending college full time?

I need to maintain good grades to get into the professional program after I graduate. However, I could use the money if I work and attend classes as a full time student. I am not sure if it is a good idea to do both. #professor...


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How exactly does minoring in a field work?

I don't really know a lot about minoring in a field. I just know that it's not your major and it may be like your backup plan or extra skills you may need. Do you take classes for it, just like with a major? Does every college allow you to double-minor or is it just some? #colleges...

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How would I go about becoming a secondary education teacher/school administrator?

I am a high school junior at Boston Collegiate with a solid GPA and lots of extracurricular activities that I enjoy partaking in. I love tutoring kids of all ages, from homework help to studying for quizzes. That being said, I'd like to become a high school English teacher, but I am also...

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