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How do I revise my questions on

Excuse me, anyone that comes across this question, can you leave an answer concerning how to revise my questions on this website. My schedule is pretty busy and your answer will be highly appreciated....


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A.A in Journalism, B.A in Comm?

Hello, I am currently completing my general education classes in city college and I was planning to take additional classes to complete the Communications program as well, however, I've always had an interest for writing. My ultimate career goal is to work in editing. I have done my research...

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How to become an active listener?

The importance of being an active listener has always been emphasized, but how does one become a good listener? and still give good responses and show understanding at the same time? #communications #communication...


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What are some potential careers/jobs available for students with a major in Public Relations/Communications, specifically in PA?

In college, I plan to major in Public Relations this Fall in the state of Pennsylvania! I know it is difficult to find a job in today's society, and I'm aware the rate of jobs available for college graduates have been decreasing over time. However, I have hope that something can change. I'd...

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What steps do I take to work as a Broadcaster at ESPN?

I love sports, and I play basketball. I want to be one to talk to players before the game, and after the game.I want to work on shows like Inside stuff on NBA TV, and Open Court. I love all the conferences they have with players like Lebron James, and Stephen Curry after the game. I am very...

#communications #espn

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What are the best internships available to gain experience in leading a team?

I selected this career because I have a passion collaborating with others to achieve a goal. I can develop my own marketing ideas by manipulating different media outlets and study how people react to billboards, pop-ups, etc. I want to gain first-hand experience before I graduate college and...

#marketing #communications

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What job can you get with a communications major?

I am currently a junior in high school. I am not sure what career I was to purse but majoring in communications is one of my current paths I am willing to take but I am not sure what position I would get if i were to have a job. #jobs...


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BA or BS degree for Marketing?

I am planning on majoring in Marketing and minoring in Communications (thoughts?job opportunities and outlooks?). Also, not sure which degree, BS or BA, will be best. All I know is, I will need a few more classes for a BS degree. #business #marketing #communications...


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What does a communications major do in his free time?

Talk? Sign? Exchange looks over pasta? In all honesty, do most communication majors sit at a desk all day exchanging emails, reading graphs, and plan for meetings? I wouldn't mind doing so for a part of my day, I'd just prefer being more hands on and up close with what work with other people is...

#pasta #communications #upclose #inperson

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What jobs can I get in the communications field?

The subject of communications is a pretty general. What type of jobs can I get in the communications field and how can I get good jobs in that field? What do people who have communication major degrees do? #jobs #major...


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