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I am interested in computer programming and I am wondering if the job market for these positions are only available in larger cities?

I come from a small town in the middle of no where and I am constantly being told that I have to expand my vision of where I want to attain a job in this position. I am a quiet, shy person who has never really been in a larger city and I am nervous about taking the step and moving to a larger...


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What does a computer engineer do?

For a class in high school, I have to research a career that I'm interested in and I thought that it would be a good time for me to find out more about computer hardware engineering, the career I'm interested in. So most of these answers I can find on the internet but I think it would be more...

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What would be a good minor to pair with a Computer Engineering major?

As I plan on majoring in Computer Engineering, I was wondering what minor would go best with this major. I am not sure if a minor in math or physics or CS would help me with employers since they would assume that I already know it. Does anyone have any suggestions? #college #engineering...

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Will there not be a demand for a degree in Computer Science in the future?

I was originally planning on going into Computer Science, but I heard from a few teachers and students that there won't be a high demand for it because so many students are going into that field now. Last year at my school, there was one AP computer science class. This year, there are seven AP...

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What degree is recommended for designing hardware?

I read an old reddit AMA on it a couple months ago about a hardware engineer at Intel and somebody brought up what they would need to receive his position. However, he didn't give a straight answer so I would like to know what I have to do to be hired into that job. #computer-science...

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What made you want to work in computer hardware vs computer software or vice versa?

Hi! My name is Anina, and I'm a high school senior interning for Career Village. I'm really interested in both computer hardware and computer software. How did you decide which you wanted to pursue professionally? Do I have to choose, or can I pursue both? #computer-software #engineering...

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what do you do as a Photographic Process Workers & a Processing Machine Operators also what do you need for these jobs?

Hey my names is Wylan and I am in 9th grade and I really want to check this out with a professional because so far there is no other question at all about Photographic process Workers & Processing Machine Operators, the reason why i search for this its because i didn't find anything on it for...

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How does a day look like for a computer programmer? Is it fun ?

Hi, Im a Junior in high school and I'm considering becoming a computer engineer. My dad is currently a computer programer, but he never goes into details of what he does with the computer. I would like to know how would it look like a regular day at work and how fun is it. #computer...

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What college will I need to go to if I want to be a computer technician?

I am into the computer tech. Classes but I for one of my questions is what college do you need to take and all the other websites are useless? I NEED HELPPPPP!!!!!😫😫😫😫 #technology...


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