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What is the best computer language to start learning?

Different colleges start programming classes with different programming language. I want to know what might be the smartest language for them to teach to help me choose the college experience that might help me the most....


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For those who went into the field of Computer Science, what jobs did you find yourself gravitating towards?

I find that there's so much opportunity when it comes to the field of Computer Science. There's a variety of different jobs that you can get, from being a software developer to a systems security administrator. I personally enjoy the programming side of Computer Science, so I believe becoming a...

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For those that have gone into the field of software development, what would you say is one of the most interesting programs you've created?

I've always been into coding and plan to go into the field of computer science when I'm in college. I find it interesting when people tell me all the amazing things they were able to create with their knowledge of different coding languages. #technology...


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Can someone explain Data Mining?

I've heard about this field of study under computer science called Data mining. I wanted to know exactly what it was and how difficult it is. #computer-software...


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How can I keep myself from being obsolete?

I am a second year student in college studying computer science looking to go into the field of software development. In the software industry, many people seem to find at least one language or skill which they've mastered completely. But with technology changing and advancing every day, what...

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How often is Microsoft Access used in Human Resources or other similar job functions?

A year ago I learned how to use Microsoft Access in my computer software class. I'm wondering how often if at all is it used? If it isn't used what are software programs that we should be focusing on using instead. Are there any specific software programs that are used in Human Resources that...

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How time consuming is coding

Again we wanted to code for a company called blizzard, but we are worried that we may have to take work home or work overtime #computer-software...


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Bachelor of Computer Science or Bachelor of Software Engineering?

I want to pursue a career involving programming/ software development but i'm not sure what degree to study in university. The two courses I have found that would lead to a career in my desired field are Bachelor of Computer Science ( or...

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Have women in STEM experienced any setbacks because of their gender?

Women are underrepresented in STEM and it sometimes leads to misconceptions in the workplace. Over the summer, I interned for Girls Who Code, a program that works to integrate young girls into coding. I've heard many stories about men making remarks or making women feel uncomfortable, and I was...

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Should I Focus On One Programming Language Or More?

I have learned the basics Java and Visual Basic in school. Should I try to master one language or add more to my repertoire? I have been contemplating learning C# and Python. #computer-software...


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