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How does a counselor figure out which areas they would like to specialize in? For example a person may specialize in Anxiety, Depression, and Anger Management and work in with the subgroups such as Self-esteem, Addiction, and Family Conflict.

Do counselors learn which areas they would like to specialize in while they are in school or do they learn while working for a number of years? #career-path...


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During what year of college should I start looking for internships?

I am currently a freshman in college and almost every week my inbox would be filled with emails concerning job fairs, company presentations, and other possible career opportunities. I do not want to stress myself out, but the massive emails are getting me anxious and worried over my progress....

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After you become a counselor, is it helpful to start working at a religious center if you are religious?

I would like to get a job with my church so that I can interact with people that are the same religion as me or that are at least investigating our religion. I think it would be a good experience for me because I'd be able to learn more about my own religion by working with these people. Plus,...

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Why is Hard for sex Offenders

In the field of criminal justice and mental health there always seems to be a hardship in housing sex offenders. One would think if a sex offender is just coming out of incarceration, that they would be easy to house. I find if crazy that the individuals who are marked as sex offenders are...

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In regards to Social Work...when a person becomes a licensed social worker in his/her specific state, what goes into maintaining his/her license? Anything? and if yes, then what?

I'm currently investing in an education to receive a degree in Social Work. I feel like there would be something like that...a process to renew a license, because there's so many check and balances to go through anyway, whenever one is dealing with the well being of another. I would just like...

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I'm interested in applying for an internship at a local shelter and I want to be prepared and have a resume. My question is, what should I include, and what do people look for in an ideal candidate?

Hello, my name is Katie. I'm currently an undergraduate at a community college looking to pursue a bachelor's (potentially a Master's) in Social Work. I became enamored for this field of work after reading a transcript from an online interview a woman had with a social worker. What I...

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What degree would be best for becoming a counselor for grief, addiction, abuse, etc.?

I have been looking at the degrees that are out there and I noticed that there's a lot of different counseling degrees. I want a degree that will allow me to counsel people who struggle with some things that I mentioned in my question. Of course, I won't limit myself to just these areas. I also...

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Doctors cutoff?

I am doing my 12th standard(Biology Group) in Govt school. To get an Doctors seat what is the Cutoff in Tamilnadu? #doctor #professor #counseling...


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How can I build a successful psychologist practice once I get out of medical school?

I am 18 years old and I am very interested in the major psychology. I have taken psychology classes at other colleges and I enjoyed it so much. I love helping people and dealing with peoples issues and helping them come to a solution about their problems.I feel like psychology is the best...

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To get trained on neurologist?

Hi. I am interested in doing Doctor. Can u help me out the process to do a doctor and to study deeply on Human Brain? Can u brief me the degrees to be done for the same or what are the degrees to be completed. Pls give me the answer which relates to Tamilnadu students #doctor #professor...

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What are some good questions to ask a professional panel?

I have had the opportunity in the past to visit accounting firms and converse with accountants. However, I always found myself at a dead end with an inability to come up with good questions. I had a train of thought, but I could not put them into words. Now I want to get an idea of what would...

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