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How is the CPA exam?

I was just wondering if someone can tell me what is the CPA exam like #accounting...



Active yesterday

3 answers

Posted by Arturo G.
Rachel Lyle | PwC Tax Associate The CPA exam is difficult but doable. It's important to study, ...

What should I expect my work life to be like when I become a CPA?

I'm currently in college majoring in Accounting but I don't have any previous experience with this kind of job. I'm curious about what a day in the life of a certified public accountant looks like....



Active Mar 13 at 10:27

2 answers

Posted by Katherine L.
Lyndsay Snider | Senior Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers Hi Katherine! There are many different career paths for a CPA ...

Best place to work as a CPA

i was just wondering where is best to work as a CPA #accounting...



Active Feb 16 at 11:04

2 answers

Posted by Arturo G.
Alessandra De Tata | Manager at PwC Hi Arturo - That is a great question and one that ...

Are there any tools that I can use to track the progress of my CPA requirements?

I am an undergrad student who pursue a CPA licence. #professor #accounting...



Active Oct 29 '17 at 09:07

3 answers

Posted by Carmen H.
Marisa Koller-Miller | Assurance Associate at PwC Hi Carmen! CPA requirements will be different per state, but if ...

Best way to earn 150 credits to take the CPA Exam?

I'm currently a sophomore at Rutgers Business School majoring in accounting and want to know what would be the best way to earn those credits. Should I double major, get my masters, minor in a few things, or do something else entirely? I'm planning on doing auditing for the big 4, but I'm open...

#accounting #cpa #cpaexam #career-counseling


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5 answers

Posted by Joshua H.
Samantha Davis | Assurance Senior Associate at PwC Hi Joshua! Congratulations on your progress in college so far. I ...

As a future business owner, how many accounting classes should I take in college or should I rely on a professional accountant to handle my business finances?

I am a high school culinary student and would like to own my own restaurant one day. I would like to know if it is usual for a restaurant owner use an accountant to handle their finances or if not how many accounting classes will prepare me to be a business owner. Thnak you! #futurechef #cpa...



Active Sep 29 '17 at 13:42

3 answers

Posted by Lauren P.
Sam Bragg | Assurance Associate at PwC Having an understanding of accounting as a business owner would be ...

Besides a high GPA, what extracurricular or activities do the big 4 firms like to see?

As an accounting major, my target dream employer is of course the big 4 firms. I was told recently that grades are the first thing that they look at before even considering everything else, so I am shifting gear to focus on that. However, I am now wondering what sort of extracurricular or...

#college-recruiting #accounting #cpa #employment #big-4


Active Feb 02 at 16:29

7 answers

Posted by Esther C.
Meg Hart, CPA | Assurance Senior Associate at PwC As it relates to extracurricular activities, the goal in presenting those ...

Does every investment manager have their CPA certification?

Do you get paid better because of it? What services can you provide that you otherwise could not without a CPA? #finance #accounting #financial-services #investment-management #investing...



Active Feb 01 at 09:51

3 answers

Posted by Jeff C.
Cheryl Frank | Specialist in Fund Statistics Group at PIMCO I've worked for investment managers my entire career and earned my ...

What are the differences between Finance and Accounting majors?

What is the differentiating material and curriculum that makes the distinction? A compare and contrast/ pros con list would be appreciated #business #finance #accounting #cpa...



Active Nov 07 '17 at 11:39

4 answers

Posted by Bridget S.
Adam Brittain | Senior Value Manager at Workday I think of Accountants as people who accurately record financial activity ...

I completed CPA(Certified Public Accountancy) 4 years back, before that I was working in a Public accounting firm. So I have the CPA license and work expereince also but for past 4 years didn't work coz of Visa to go back to work now

I am a CPA and a mom of two kids. I have work experience and CPA education and license but its a few years that I didn't work. Now, my question is that should I think of getting back to work through H & R block tax course in Sep2015. If I do that what are my job prospects gonna be after...

#personal-finance #recruiter #taxes #accountant #cpa #accounting


Active Oct 27 '17 at 15:32

2 answers

Posted by Aditi G.
Stephen Gilmour | PwC Assurance Experienced Associate Both of the above are great recommendations and I think the ...

What do you do working as an intern in a CPA firm?

I got an internship at a CPA firm, but am very nervous to start something so professional. Thus, I was wondering as an assistant/intern what would some of the usual and main responsibilities be at the CPA firm? #accounting #internships #accountant #cpa #quickbooks...



Active Oct 05 '17 at 13:13

4 answers

Posted by Esther C.
Kellie (Kinsella) Casey | Internal Audit Senior Associate at PwC Hi Esther, Congratulations on your internship! How exciting! I currently work ...

What type of things does a CFO do?

What is the CFO in charge of? What are the specific things he/ she would look over? What are some typical requirements? #finance #management #ceo #corporate-finance #cpa #executive-office #cfo...



Active Feb 07 at 10:59

4 answers

Posted by Bridget S.
Eugene Beckles | Executive Management | Sales & Business Development | ... You've received some good answers thus far. The only thing I ...

What is the probability of paying off student loans in 10 years or less becoming a CPA?

Well being a US student, I am apart of the trillions of dollars of debt placed on the student population in the country. I want to know if becoming a CPA will free me from the bondages of debt for choosing to educate myself beyond high school. #business #finance #management #accounting...

#cpa #accountant #financial-aid #financial-planning


Active Nov 30 '17 at 12:31

4 answers

Posted by Benjamin B.
Matthew L. Tuck, J.D., M.B.A. | Founder | VP Business Development M&A at Corporate ... Yes, it's very possible to pay off your student loans in ...

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