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How do you gain enough money in scholarhips to go to any college or University of your choosing with billions of people competing for that same money with the same drive and necessity as you?

College is pitched as a necessity but priced as a privilege. With great grades, an incredible amount of determination, and as much prayer you can fathom, many students still don't get to experience college because hey simply cant afford it. Loans, and grants must first be approved and even when...

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How hard is it to have two Majors that are completely different from each other?

Would it be very hard to major in two fields that have nothing to do with each other, for example Biology and Criminal Justice? And if you did something similar what are some habits or tips you wish you knew beforehand. #criminal-justice #criminology #biology...


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Will pursuing a double major in criminal justice and Pre-Med help me to become a medical examiner?

I have been told by multiple guidance counselors that double majoring in criminal justice and pre-med would set me up to become a medical examiner but one of my teachers notified me that I would have to pair pre-med with forensics. #premed #forensics...


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What would be the best thing to major in if I want to become a criminal defense lawyer ?

I'm asking this because I've heard a lot of things to major in but I don't know which would be the best . I've heard it all from Psychology, sociology,criminology to criminal justice and more . But I don't know the difference between them so I would like to know which one would be more...

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What do I have to do to become a FBI Agent?

I want to become an FBI Agent to investigate and solve the problems/crimes that are going on in the community. I know there are 2-4 year degrees for criminal justice and additional years to get into this career. I've heard things like you have to become a police officer and then be promoted...

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How is life being a police officer day to day?

I am a senior in high school and I have been thinking about pursuing a career as a police officer I would like to learn and know more about police officers day to day life. Can anyone tell me what is it like and all of the things I should look forward to. #police-officer...


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What steps do I take to become a police officer?

I want to become a police officer to help the people in my city stay safe.Whats the best way I can get there? I already know that I can go to school for criminal justice for 2 years.I also know that I will have to go to the police academy.Can you tell me where to start my journey?...

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What is the most direct route to become a detective?

I want to become a detective to help investigate and solve serious crimes. What is the best way to get there? I know there are 2 year and 4 year criminal justice degrees. I have also heard experience in the police force is required first and you have to get promoted up to detective. What is...

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If i want to be a lawyer, what should i major in once i get into college?

I'm considering to be a lawyer when I grow up, but I don't really know what to major in once I'm in college. I heard that you're supposed to major in political science and philosophy but I don't know what's it's about. I'm very interested in criminology and criminal justice, just criminals in...

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I am taking free courses that lead to certification with FEMA, will this be beneficial for government position?

I just received my Master's in Criminal Justice in Homeland Security and am now taking some online courses with FEMA and may start on some courses regarding statistics and the Design of Experiments. Would these be beneficial topics to get with to obtain a way into the government?...

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