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I am taking free courses that lead to certification with FEMA, will this be beneficial for government position?

I just received my Master's in Criminal Justice in Homeland Security and am now taking some online courses with FEMA and may start on some courses regarding statistics and the Design of Experiments. Would these be beneficial topics to get with to obtain a way into the government?

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I may want a Ph.D. studying human trafficking or women and terrorism, what careers should I be looking for?

I have a Bachelor's in Sociology, Minor in International Relations, and now a Master's in Criminal Justice in Homeland Security. I would like to know where I should be looking for employment to prepare me for my possible future studies.

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What's sorts of jobs should I be looking for if I just received my Masters in Criminal Justice in Homeland Security?

I want to know what terms or words I should be looking towards to obtain a career in my new field. I don't care if its government or a company or even a social impact group because I would get the chance to help people also while getting some sort of experience in my field. Especially, when I am c

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What are the dangers of working in law enforcement?

I'm curious about working in law enforcement. I know that safety is a concern. What are the specific dangers I might face in this career? How do you (law enforcement professionals) deal with those dangers or stresses? What do you recommend for someone thinking about becoming a law enforcement office

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Are there any classes that a high school student can take in high school that would benefit them if they are thinking of becoming a judge?

I'm a sophomore in high school. I heard that my school has a Criminal Justice class. Would it benefit an individual to take this class if they are thinking of studying law? What other classes can a high school student take to prepare for future?

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With everything that is happening in the world today, what do you think we can do differently to help change the world or better yet, make the world a better place?

Coming to the United States, I never really understood why people say "let's make America great again". Was America never a great country and at what point was it great? I would just like to understand more.

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Criminology major or education major?

If I major in criminology I want to minor in education and get endorsements for English as a second language and for special education. If I major in education I want to get both endorsements still and I would want to minor in criminology. Which way seems easier since they are both kind of big topic

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Do you have to be a police officer to be a Crime Scene Investigator and what is the job description?

I am really considering to be a crime scene investigator, but I really would not like to be a police officer. I've research many descriptions of the job, but none have given me a straight forward answer. Can someone please help me understand?

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I want to be a detective, but I do not want to be a police officer. Are there any other investigative careers in criminal justice?

I have always liked investigation and now being a senior in Highschool I need to know the route that I am going. I want to be involved in Criminal Justice and I want to be a detective. I look at other options like forensics, but I do not want to behind the counter. I want to be in the field and h

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