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Where can a person go to learn cryptography and ciphers?

I am interested in making a hobby out of these two things and I am wondering where exactly I can go to acquire such skills? If anyone knows anything on this subject it would be much appreciated for any pointers in the right direction! #extracurriculars #hobbies #cryptography...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:49

1 answers

Posted by Nada D.
Alifia C | Information Technology and Services Professional The Handbook of Applied Cryptography is free, a very good reference, ...

What are the pros and cons of joining a career having to deal with STEM?

I would like to know the good things about STEM and the bad ones. #technology #mathematics #software-documentation...



Active Apr 02 at 20:20

3 answers

Posted by Esmeralda A.
Esther Smith | Hawaii Great question Esmeralda! =) There are lots of pros to being ...

I am an international student, pursuing a Master's Degree in Electrical & Computer Engineer Carleton University.Is there any technical job which requires least coding?

Reason is that I am good at analytics, calculation , maths but bad at programming so I have a fear of note getting job due to my poor programming skills and I also think there might be many students like me who have same problem. #career-counseling #job-search #electrical-engineering...

#canada-university #recruiting #cryptography


Active Apr 04 at 08:07

2 answers

Posted by NISARG S.
Col Sen MP, Ph.D | Consultant & Career Coach Hello Nisarg,Hope you are doing well there. I faced your kind ...

does your school offer courses in cryptography?

I want to take a course in cryptography. I plan on doing so within the next two years. I have some college history, but not much. I was wondering what some of the pre-requisite's are for this course. #education #chemistry #calculus #cryptography #bio-technology #pre-algebra #trigonometry...

#career #career-counseling #college


Active Oct 25 '17 at 16:49

1 answers

Posted by jason H.
Abe Taha | Partner Group Eng Manager at Microsoft Cryptography relies a lot on number theory, and modern algebra, and ...

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