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Whats out there?

What types of jobs is really out there for Chef's?...


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What can I expect to do as a chef?

What kind of things must I do in oreder to prepare myself as a chef. Must I alredy know how to cook or can I learn how to cook with practice?...


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Is double majoring a good idea?

I got a $12,000 scholarship to go to an out of state college for Business administration but I want to go to school for Culinary arts as well. Is it a good idea to double major or do I take it one at a time? #culinary...


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How do I advance my cooking skills?

I want to go to culinary school, and I want to go forward having already earned some type of notable certificate or accomplishment, so are there any online courses that might help me? #cooking #culinary...


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What should I do?

I love to cook but I love to teach kids and see them realize what they need to know! I have always cooked since I was about 6 but I'm now 14 years old, I love to make something that Ive never made before and see how it comes out. What should I do? Should I be a chef or a Teacher? #teaching...


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Becoming a chef...

Hello, I am a senior at Norman County West and will be hopefully filling out applications for college soon. I have been looking into being a chef for a long time now and I have a few questions to ask. Is the starting minimum pay a good salary? How much schooling is needed for being a chef?...

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whats better?

Would it be better to open my own restaurant and be an executive chef of start as a line chef and work my way up? #chef #cooking #culinary...


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Slower-paced cooking?

I love to cook, and would love to be able to do it for other people. However, I don't like the speed involved in being a chef for a typical restaurant (to get the food to the table of the customer). Is there an alternate career that might fit me better? Maybe a smaller cafe-style restaurant?...

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Where to start?

I plan on going to culinary school after high school. I plan on starting my own restaurant. Should I start my business after I get out of culinary school or should I gain some experience in an actual restaurant first? I already have a business plan, target market, demographics and all of the...

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