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How can i get my dance business heard?

How can i get my dane business heard? What should be why prices and how can i succeed in the future?...


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I will be a BFA Dance major in college. I am trying to choose from several offers. Is it reasonable for me to request/demand to take a few dance classes on my college visit to allow me to gauge the fit?

I have been accepted to several really good college dance programs and am still waiting on audition results from a few others. Once I have all the offers, my parents want us to visit the primary contenders. When I go to do these official campus visits, is it reasonable for me to...

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I am intending to pursue a BFA in Dance as my major in college with a minor Arts Management or Business with a career goal to dance professionally. How critical is it to attend a college in New York City vs great universities in places like Texas or Ohio?

My career vision is to dance professionally, including opportunities like a professional dance company, Broadway shows, LA productions, or traveling touring companies. I realize I cannot dance forever, so I would then want to transition into a role either as a choreographer, setter, or in the...

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Should I minor in dance in college?

I am a dancer now and don't want to quit, but would it be practical/useful for me to continue in college if I don't want to work as a professional dancer in the future? #dance...


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How do you become a dance teacher?

I am currently a softmore in high school, and I am in love with dancing it is my passion. I take a Jazz dance class at my high school, and my Jazz dance teacher is such a good dancer that she inspires me to become a teacher like her one day. #dance #dance-teacher...


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How do i stay focused on my career?

Hello, my name is Laniya from Pennsylvania. In the past, i never knew What i wanted to be when i grow up. I would always pick something, i would later get bored with it. I currently want to be a dancer, but i'm afraid that i'll change it again. I wanted to know how i can stay focused on...

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How do I find different auditions?

I am 14 years old and I live in Brooklyn NY. I know that there are alot of opportunity in New York but its really hard to find auditions for young teens. #dance...


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what does it take to make it into a good art school and make a good paying career out of it ?

I am interested in many careers but im not sure what i want to do yet . I love art and i would love to focus my career on it , or dance , but i only want to do it if im going to be happy with my decision later on , is it a good pay ? will i have to have a side job ? ect. #art #artist...


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