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How did you pay off your college debt ?

After you graduated and had amassed a lot of debt, how did you pay it all off? What are some tips and tricks that you believe everyone should know? #college #money...


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Does the expense of your undergraduate college affect your ability to perform well in graduate school and your field?

I'm trying to decide between public and private colleges, and I would like to know if the "really good" schools (and all of their costs and debt) are actually necessary to my success. I'm a good student, so I could get into most colleges, but I don't know if spending tens of thousands of...

#money #debt

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Can anyone advise me on how to graduate college as an RN and do so debt free?

Looking towards the future is always important. I have to have goals in place to motivate me and give me direction in my life. I was raised by a single mother and Financial responsibilities can consume and control you. I want to start a nursing career someday and help others, and how is...

#nursing #nurse-practitioner #college #nurse #debt #registered-nurses

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Is my dream school for graduate education worth the debt? Will it be worth it for my future career?

After I complete my undergraduate school at Georgia Tech, my dream is to attend the University of Southern California for graduate school and earn my Masters in Economics. This school is extremely expensive and will leave me in debt. #graduate-school #economics #debt...


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Where can I find a list of scholarships and grants along with a description of their application processes?

College application season is here, and seniors all over the country are looking for scholarships and grants to help reduce the cost of attendance. This young lady from Houston is hoping to win some scholarships for the 2016-2017 academic year. #college #scholarships #college-applications #debt...

#personal-finance #grants

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How difficult is it to transfer from a university in one state to a university in another?

After receiving my Bachelor's in Journalism in Florida, I want to start my career while working towards my Master's in New York and plan on transferring to Columbia. I am worried that if I'm not recruited, the transfer process will be very expensive and extensive. Even though it would kick...

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Is spending 8 years learning really worth becoming a doctor?

Right now, I'm a sophomore in high school and very often people ask me who I want to be after college. My response had usually been a doctor, but after doing some research about the job, I understand that becoming an actual doctor is a very rocky step. I feel like a lot of time is needed, as...

#doctor #student-loans #expenses #medical-school #learning #debt

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