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What would be the best route to take in order to obtain a doctorate degree in psychology

I ask this particular question because I have asked many people this question and I can not seem to get a clear answer. I would like to be a Clinical Psychologist one day and I want to know the best path to take so I may be the best at this particular job. I would greatly appreciate a response...


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Can you become a surgeon in multiple areas? If so, would you have to take another 2 years for each area?

I intend on becoming a surgeon. More specifically a cardiovascular surgeon. Someone who focuses on injuries to the heart or heart defects. While I do have a strong passion for this I also think that it'd be fun to also do nueral surgery as well and I just need some information about the chances...


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How rigorous is the path to become a surgeon

When I grow up I want to become a surgeon and I don't want to lose interest in the beginning of that path because it's too hard. I'm willing to persevere and I'm sure I will but still; I'd rather know now so that I can prepare for it....


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Are there any scholarship, besides the Grand Pell scholarship, that can help me pay my studies, without the use of a student loans?

I am sophomore student at my college in Puerto Rico and I can't find a job to cover my college expenses. I'm planning to enroll in Medical school after I finish my bio-medical science baccalaureate degree and I don't want to start using student loans now, so I can use them in Med school....

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What does it mean to be successful in the United States, keeping in mind the popular belief that it should be in everyone's interest to go to college and find a career?

Sometimes I would like to think and hope that life is more than going to school and working for the rest of my life. However, words such as college, career, jobs, fall into the goals of many Americans as well as many who live here. I would like to explore the question of how this has come to be...

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