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If I am undecided about what career I want, would double majoring be a good idea?

The two majors I want are very different, communications, and psychology. I want to be a psychologist because it is more practical and it is almost guaranteed a job, but I also want to work at BuzzFeed because it is such an open place and I would have to be on top of my mental game all the...

#majors #major #psychology #double #double-major #communications #psychologist #undecided


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7 answers

Posted by Crystal R.’s Avatar Crystal R.
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Kevin M. McKale | Regional Sales Director at Dell Double-majoring would be an awesome pursuit if you can dedicate the ...

Psychology and Computer Science?

I'm pretty sure I want to study CS at university but I also have interests in other subjects such as Psychology, Economics, and Education. Is it a good idea to double major in CS and one of these subjects? Which universities, if any, allow this combination? #computer-science #psychology...

#double-major #education #economics


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4 answers

Posted by Alisha S.’s Avatar Alisha S.
NANCY W CAMPBELL | Adjunct Faculty | Education Consultant | College and ... Hello Alisha - First, let me congratulate you on your ambition! ...

How should I decide if I want to double major, and how should I choose a minor?

Hello everyone! I've heard a lot about major/minor programs, especially as some of my older friends are entering college. The problem is, I'm not really sure what these programs mean. For instance, I've heard a lot about double major (I know someone who doubled in statistics and something...

#majors #major #double-major #college-major #majors-and-minors #college-minor #college-majors #college


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4 answers

Posted by Anna K.’s Avatar Anna K.
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Pablo Timpson | Risk Management Dear Anna, Pablo Timpson here. I currently work for a large ...

Would psychology and business be a good combination?

I ask this question because I want to become a double major in psychology and business so I can start my own business in psychology? #psychology #entrepreneurship...



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4 answers

Posted by Keith T.’s Avatar Keith T.
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Gary Stephen Petito | Career Guru Hi, Good question, I actually did this and personally I think ...

Could I switch between two professions/jobs?

I was thinking of double majoring in nutrition and music, because I love both subjects so much and want to have both in my life. Would it be possible to switch between the two if one career path does not work out? I want to audition for a music company and be a trainee, but that would require a...

#nutrition #music-industry #career #double-major #career-choice #career-change #music #career-path


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4 answers

Posted by Dominique O.’s Avatar Dominique O.
Marilyn Balke-Lowry’s Avatar
Marilyn Balke-Lowry | Artist/Owner at Imaginart; Director of College Guidance Consultants, ... Hi, In response to your comment, I would suggest that you ...

Is there a profession out there that's an equal balance between creative writing/publishing and biomedical science?

I am torn between majoring in English and Biomedical Science/Engineering. I love to write stories and strive to become an editor for a publishing company/fiction author or screenwriter, but I also love genetics and would love to be a genetic engineer and researcher (see the details from my...

#copy-editing #writing-and-editing #creative-non-fiction #technical-writing #career-path #fiction #career-decisions #genetics #publishing #author #double-major #biomedical-science #science-fiction #career-choice #creative-writing #proposal-writing #editor #dual-career #screenwriting #news-writing #multiple-interests #fiction-writing #communications #writing #english #grant-writing #biomedical-engineering


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4 answers

Posted by Jada H.’s Avatar Jada H.
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Shulin Low | Ph.D., mucosal immunology Hi Jada, I saw your previous question too. Sounds like a ...

What should I second major/minor in that will be helpful for a marketing major?

I need to choose 2 minors that will compliment my marketing major. The ones I am leaning towards to is either finance, psychology or statistics. Which one should I choose? My other option is to do a second major but marketing is really the only career I see myself in. #marketing...

#major #statistics #psychology #university #double-major #college-major #majors-and-minors #college-minor #college-majors #marketers #finance


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4 answers

Posted by Jill A.’s Avatar Jill A.
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Ryan A. Lopez | Western IL based Process Consultant, Analyst & Project ... Great question! I can only share how I made that decision ...

Is it possible to major in languages in which more than one language is mastered at once?

I am currently interested in majoring in languages, however through research found that most majors are limited to specifics. For example I pick up dialect, word choice, and accent quickly and have put it in practice; more than volunteer requirements but as a career. I can't seem to find a...

#double-major #college #language-services #teaching #translation #careers


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4 answers

Posted by hayley A.’s Avatar hayley A.
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Elaine Sabra | Retired elementary teacher I think this is an interesting question, and one that depends ...

Finance or Economics As a major

Hello, for undergrad I definetly want to take international relations but I would like to combine it with another major, and I was thinking economics or Finance, does anyone know the best major to partner up with that for me to get a job in an NGO or an International organization/Bank? #college...

#international-affairs #double-major #finance #economics


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3 answers

Posted by Jibbi B.’s Avatar Jibbi B.
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David Xu | Sr. Data Analyst at Zynga I mostly agree with the above by Eric but it's largely ...

Double major dilemma

As of right now, I am currently an English major finishing up my first semester in college. I really love my major(it was changed from marine science) and I'm so excited to continue on with it and see where it takes me. That being said, I am a little worried about being able to pay off my...

#actuarial #career #double-major #college-major #college #english #career-counseling #actuarial-science


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3 answers

Posted by Madison T.’s Avatar Madison T.
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Ken Simmons | Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential Hi Madison! Pursue your dreams and investigate what others have done ...

It is worth it to keep music in my life as I pursure college and careers?

All throughout k-12 school, music has been a big part of my life. Playing principal clarinet in numerous all-state events and solo contests throughout my high school career has been a big part of my life. However, I am probably going to pursue science in college, and I am wondering if I should...

#science #double-major #stem #music #neuroscience #clarinet #physics


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3 answers

Posted by Mikayla C.’s Avatar Mikayla C.
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Judeanne Armenti | Over 20 years of creative and outgoing music ... Mikayla, You will be amazed by how much neurological research is ...

Is it possible to double-major and still graduate within four years?

I have a major for my undergrad but there is also another major that is closely related that I find very interesting as well. Would it hurt me if I were to pursue both majors? I think it would help me prepare even better for my future career but I do not want to have to stay in college longer...

#college #major #double-major #education #college-major


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3 answers

Posted by Alec J.’s Avatar Alec J.
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Frank Lemmon | Sr. Test Engineer at Chegg Inc. I'm glad you're asking this question - it's a tough one ...

How easy is it to pursue extracurriculars while double-majoring?

Considering a double major. Considering. As a person double-majoring, do you have time for anything else? #college-major #majors #college-majors #double-major #extracurriculars...



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3 answers

Posted by Abby Lupi’s Avatar Abby L.
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Maria Condacse Hi! I double majored and did extracurricular in college too. I ...

How do I determine my major?

I'm stuck deciding between a few majors. How do I narrow it down? Is it better to go in undeclared? #majors #major #college-major #choosing-a-major...



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3 answers

Posted by Anika F.’s Avatar Anika F.
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Ria Jagasia | Academic Consultant at AIC Education Unless your school makes it hard to switch majors, I don't ...

Is a double major in psychology and neuroscience worth it to get an edge on graduate school applications?

I am currently a freshman psychology major and I'm about to add a neuroscience double major because I think it might help me get into a better grad school. The problem is that I'm afraid that this double major might take time away that I could be using for internships/research, etc. It's...

#psychology #double-major #research #graduate-school #scheduling #neuroscience #academic-advising #internships


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3 answers

Posted by Alexandra C.’s Avatar Alexandra C.
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Marjorie A. Goode | College & Career Planning Consultant In both situations, you are concentrating on human behavior and the ...

As a double major in dance and integrated marketing will I have time to work a part time job?

I'm concerned about debt and want to do everything I can to keep it at a minimum so a part-time job would help a lot with that. #marketing #dance...



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2 answers

Posted by Nicole Q.’s Avatar Nicole Q.
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Stephanie Murnen | Sr. Manager, Surgical Gloves Marketing at Cardinal Health If you prioritize your time and class schedule accurately, I think ...

What core classes would be the most useful to a dance and integrated marketing major?

I am trying to decide what core classes I want to take and was wondering if some would be more useful or interesting than others. #marketing #dance #double-major...



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2 answers

Posted by Nicole Q.’s Avatar Nicole Q.
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Shannon Baxley | Online CSB team Dell It depends on your goals and your passions. If your dream ...

How easy is it to double major?

I'm interested in doubling majoring in marine science and biology next year and I was wondering how difficult the process is #college #biology #majors #marine-biology...



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2 answers

Posted by Maya F.’s Avatar Maya F.
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Yvonne Ruffner | Senior Project Manager, Clinical Affordability Hi Maya, Although graduating with a double major is definitely achievable, ...

What's a good college plan or career path for someone whose interested in both Biology and Psychology majors?

Hi I'm Alexis I'm currently a rising Junior whose interested in both Biology and Psychlogy. I believe that the mind and body and closely intertwined, yet u can't necessarily find a career path that combines the importance of both. I like biology because it has all of the medical background with...

#biology #psychology #double-major #mind #college #career-path #careers


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2 answers

Posted by Alexis S.’s Avatar Alexis S.
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John Caccaviello | Tutor in Medical Neuroscience at Boston University School ... Behavioral neuroscience, anatomy and neurobiology, clinical psychology, etc are perfect majors ...

Is it too much work to double major

I really like two of the degrees offered at my college and they would both look very good for when I go on to graduate school. #double-major...



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2 answers

Posted by Miracle W.’s Avatar Miracle W.
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Kevin Jenkins | Sr. Financial Advisor It truly depends. If you want to graduate in 4 years ...

How does one balance two majors at once?

I plan on majoring in music education with either a second major or minor in psychology. Doing something in the science field was kind of a big leap for me, but I have always loved discovering how the brain works. I thought that pairing my interest of music and/or multilingualism with the field...

#music #double-major #administrative #psychology


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2 answers

Posted by Gwen  C.’s Avatar Gwen C.
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Luis Javier Santiago-Sierra | Assistant Director Global Initiatives at Berklee College of ... Hace you thought about Music Therapy. This is an area that ...

Is it possible to balance a double major with one major being architecture?

I'm asking this because I'm interested in architecture and engineering, but I'm also interested in a few other career paths and I'm not sure whether it's better for me to just pick one and go to college for it (since I've been told that architecture is a very time consuming major) or try and go...

#college-student #double-major #architecture #graduate


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2 answers

Posted by Allya J.’s Avatar Allya J.
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Annie Manuja | Hardware Design Engineer at Apple Hello Aliya I won't say dual program is rare but I ...

What are the best steps to take as someone who would like to pursue both social work and animation?

I plan to finish college with at least a bachelor's in animation, but possibly a masters! This would mean I would probably have to double major. I'd like to do this at UGA, UNG, or maybe Breanau here in Georgia. This has been my plan for quite some time, however, if there are better options...

#georgia #art #career #double-major #lsw #animation #art-school #social-work


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2 answers

Posted by K B.’s Avatar K B.
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Ken Simmons | Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential A first step would be to get to know yourself better ...

How do I know which college is right for me?

Being a senior is harder then it looks. You have to worry about grades, scholarships, where to get money and what to wear to prom! My biggest problem is where my future would be in store. What college would be great for me since I plan to perform a double major in arts and technology...

#university #double-major #college #exams #business


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2 answers

Posted by Indya W.’s Avatar Indya W.
Scott Craft’s Avatar
Scott Craft | Library Science | Knowledge Management | Content Management ... Hi Indya,Those are all great questions. As far as the school ...

What are good majors to pair with English Literature for a double major?

I'm really wanting to go into English Literature during college, but I think perhaps it would be wise to get a double major, for practicality and broader scope of career, but I'm not sure which major would be best to go into to supplement/compliment my Literature degree. #english #double-major...

#majors #college-major


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2 answers

Posted by Sara W.’s Avatar Sara W.
Roslyn Brooks’s Avatar
Roslyn Brooks | Public Policy Leader at PwC Sara - I completely relate to your question. When I was ...

What are some good universities for double-majoring?

I am totally lost on where to go because I am not so sure which university has the best double-major program. #college #college-major #university #college-admissions #college-majors #double-major #choosing-a-major...



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2 answers

Posted by Armine M.’s Avatar Armine M.
Caroline Cercone, CISA’s Avatar
Caroline Cercone, CISA | Risk Assurance Senior Associate at PwC Hi Armine! I was a double major at Ohio University in ...

Is psychology useful?

Since I hope to become a pediatric intensivist after graduating from med school, I already know that However, I am very interested in psychology and was wondering if it would help me in my field? In addition, if it is indeed useful, then should I get a major or minor in it because my GPA...

#medical-school #pediatrics #psychology #doctor #science #double-major #er-doctor #college-major #majors-and-minors #college-minor #college #medical-education #picu #medicine #intensive-care-unit #intensive-care-nursing #minor #icu


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2 answers

Posted by Viola S.’s Avatar Viola S.
Ruxi Golea’s Avatar
Ruxi Golea | Global Graudate Development Program Manager at Dell Yes, great instinct! Choose what you love to learn, what you ...

Is there great value in pursuing a doule major or major/minor combination? Or is it better to naroow your focus early on andpursue only one major?

I have contemplated doing a combination of both business and medicine to pursue a positon hospital administration, and possibly a minor in music as that has been a major element of my life thus far. I am wondering if that is maybe taking on more work than it wll ultimately be worth. #college...

#medicine #academic-advising #double-major #college-major #business


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2 answers

Posted by Alanna O.’s Avatar Alanna O.
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Ria Jagasia | Academic Consultant at AIC Education I think pursuing your academic and non academic interests is great ...

Would it be advisable to receive an electrical engineering major and get certified in teaching?

I would like to major in electrical engineering and get certified to teach advanced high school math or physics. Is that too many credits to complete in 4 years? I was also considering double majoring in electrical engineering and mathematics. In addition, I wanted to get certified in...

#teaching #engineering #double-major #electrical-engineering #mathematics


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2 answers

Posted by Mirudula M.’s Avatar Mirudula M.
Peter Sturtevant’s Avatar
Peter Sturtevant | Retired Civil Engineer Quite Honestly, Mirudula, if your primary goal is to teach advanced ...
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