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If I am undecided about what career I want, would double majoring be a good idea?

The two majors I want are very different, communications, and psychology. I want to be a psychologist because it is more practical and it is almost guaranteed a job, but I also want to work at BuzzFeed because it is such an open place and I would have to be on top of my mental game all the...

#majors #major #psychology #double #double-major #communications #psychologist #undecided


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7 answers

Posted by Crystal R.’s Avatar Crystal R.
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Kevin M. McKale | Regional Sales Director at Dell Double-majoring would be an awesome pursuit if you can dedicate the ...

Would psychology and business be a good combination?

I ask this question because I want to become a double major in psychology and business so I can start my own business in psychology? #psychology #entrepreneurship...



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4 answers

Posted by Keith T.’s Avatar Keith T.
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Gary Stephen Petito | Career Guru Hi, Good question, I actually did this and personally I think ...

Psychology and Computer Science?

I'm pretty sure I want to study CS at university but I also have interests in other subjects such as Psychology, Economics, and Education. Is it a good idea to double major in CS and one of these subjects? Which universities, if any, allow this combination? #computer-science #psychology...

#double-major #education #economics


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4 answers

Posted by Alisha S.’s Avatar Alisha S.
NANCY W CAMPBELL | Adjunct Faculty | Education Consultant | College and ... Hello Alisha - First, let me congratulate you on your ambition! ...

What should I second major/minor in that will be helpful for a marketing major?

I need to choose 2 minors that will compliment my marketing major. The ones I am leaning towards to is either finance, psychology or statistics. Which one should I choose? My other option is to do a second major but marketing is really the only career I see myself in. #marketing...

#major #statistics #psychology #university #double-major #college-major #majors-and-minors #college-minor #college-majors #marketers #finance


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4 answers

Posted by Jill A.’s Avatar Jill A.
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Ryan A. Lopez | Western IL based Process Consultant, Analyst & Project ... Great question! I can only share how I made that decision ...

Is it possible to major in languages in which more than one language is mastered at once?

I am currently interested in majoring in languages, however through research found that most majors are limited to specifics. For example I pick up dialect, word choice, and accent quickly and have put it in practice; more than volunteer requirements but as a career. I can't seem to find a...

#double-major #college #language-services #teaching #translation #careers


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4 answers

Posted by hayley A.’s Avatar hayley A.
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Elaine Sabra | Retired elementary teacher I think this is an interesting question, and one that depends ...

Besides sports management, what other majors can I take that will help me be a good sports agent ?

I was thinking about taking psychology classes and law classes to help me become a good sports agent. #sports #sports-management #double-major #choosing-a-major...



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1 answers

Posted by Jordan P.’s Avatar Jordan P.
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Jim Shilkett | Equity Analyst at Covey Capital Management Hi Jordan, You can read the first 24 pages of a ...

What major is the most compatible with the Architecture major to improve the architect career?

I'm currently an high school junior and I'm planning to be an architect. I planned to take two majors to strengthen my future career prospects. Finance might be a compatible degree to the Architecture major but I'm not entirely sure about it. What secondary major is compatible with the...

#majors #double-major #college-major #architect #architecture #education-counselor


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Posted by Zee K.’s Avatar Zee K.
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Nancy Hamp, MA | Organizational Leadership • Assessment and Interviewing • Educational ... Zee, when I went to college it was the architecture students ...

How should I decide if I want to double major, and how should I choose a minor?

Hello everyone! I've heard a lot about major/minor programs, especially as some of my older friends are entering college. The problem is, I'm not really sure what these programs mean. For instance, I've heard a lot about double major (I know someone who doubled in statistics and something...

#majors #major #double-major #college-major #majors-and-minors #college-minor #college-majors #college


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4 answers

Posted by Anna K.’s Avatar Anna K.
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Pablo Timpson | Risk Management Dear Anna, Pablo Timpson here. I currently work for a large ...

How easy is it to pursue extracurriculars while double-majoring?

Considering a double major. Considering. As a person double-majoring, do you have time for anything else? #college-major #majors #college-majors #double-major #extracurriculars...



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3 answers

Posted by Abby Lupi’s Avatar Abby L.
Maria Condacse’s Avatar
Maria Condacse Hi! I double majored and did extracurricular in college too. I ...

Is there a profession out there that's an equal balance between creative writing/publishing and biomedical science?

I am torn between majoring in English and Biomedical Science/Engineering. I love to write stories and strive to become an editor for a publishing company/fiction author or screenwriter, but I also love genetics and would love to be a genetic engineer and researcher (see the details from my...

#copy-editing #writing-and-editing #creative-non-fiction #technical-writing #career-path #fiction #career-decisions #genetics #publishing #author #double-major #biomedical-science #science-fiction #career-choice #creative-writing #proposal-writing #editor #dual-career #screenwriting #news-writing #multiple-interests #fiction-writing #communications #writing #english #grant-writing #biomedical-engineering


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4 answers

Posted by Jada H.’s Avatar Jada H.
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Shulin Low | Ph.D., mucosal immunology Hi Jada, I saw your previous question too. Sounds like a ...

How easy is it to double major?

I'm interested in doubling majoring in marine science and biology next year and I was wondering how difficult the process is #college #biology #majors #marine-biology...



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2 answers

Posted by Maya F.’s Avatar Maya F.
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Yvonne Ruffner | Senior Project Manager, Clinical Affordability Hi Maya, Although graduating with a double major is definitely achievable, ...

Is it too much work to double major

I really like two of the degrees offered at my college and they would both look very good for when I go on to graduate school. #double-major...



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2 answers

Posted by Miracle W.’s Avatar Miracle W.
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Kevin Jenkins | Sr. Financial Advisor It truly depends. If you want to graduate in 4 years ...

How hard is it to double major/minor?

Would it be too much to double major or double minor? #college #majors...



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2 answers

Posted by Mariah C.’s Avatar Mariah C.
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Michael DePietro | Medical Director- Respiratory at AstraZeneca Not hard, especially if you have a good work ethic and ...

Double major dilemma

As of right now, I am currently an English major finishing up my first semester in college. I really love my major(it was changed from marine science) and I'm so excited to continue on with it and see where it takes me. That being said, I am a little worried about being able to pay off my...

#actuarial #career #double-major #college-major #college #english #career-counseling #actuarial-science


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3 answers

Posted by Madison T.’s Avatar Madison T.
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Ken Simmons | Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential Hi Madison! Pursue your dreams and investigate what others have done ...

It is worth it to keep music in my life as I pursure college and careers?

All throughout k-12 school, music has been a big part of my life. Playing principal clarinet in numerous all-state events and solo contests throughout my high school career has been a big part of my life. However, I am probably going to pursue science in college, and I am wondering if I should...

#science #double-major #stem #music #neuroscience #clarinet #physics


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3 answers

Posted by Mikayla C.’s Avatar Mikayla C.
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Judeanne Armenti | Over 20 years of creative and outgoing music ... Mikayla, You will be amazed by how much neurological research is ...

How do I determine my major?

I'm stuck deciding between a few majors. How do I narrow it down? Is it better to go in undeclared? #majors #major #college-major #choosing-a-major...



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3 answers

Posted by Anika F.’s Avatar Anika F.
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Ria Jagasia | Academic Consultant at AIC Education Unless your school makes it hard to switch majors, I don't ...

Is psychology useful?

Since I hope to become a pediatric intensivist after graduating from med school, I already know that However, I am very interested in psychology and was wondering if it would help me in my field? In addition, if it is indeed useful, then should I get a major or minor in it because my GPA...

#medical-school #pediatrics #psychology #doctor #science #double-major #er-doctor #college-major #majors-and-minors #college-minor #college #medical-education #picu #medicine #intensive-care-unit #intensive-care-nursing #minor #icu


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2 answers

Posted by Viola S.’s Avatar Viola S.
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Ruxi Golea | Global Graudate Development Program Manager at Dell Yes, great instinct! Choose what you love to learn, what you ...

Is a double major in psychology and neuroscience worth it to get an edge on graduate school applications?

I am currently a freshman psychology major and I'm about to add a neuroscience double major because I think it might help me get into a better grad school. The problem is that I'm afraid that this double major might take time away that I could be using for internships/research, etc. It's...

#psychology #double-major #research #graduate-school #scheduling #neuroscience #academic-advising #internships


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:43

3 answers

Posted by Alexandra C.’s Avatar Alexandra C.
Marjorie A. Goode’s Avatar
Marjorie A. Goode | College & Career Planning Consultant In both situations, you are concentrating on human behavior and the ...

Finance or Economics As a major

Hello, for undergrad I definetly want to take international relations but I would like to combine it with another major, and I was thinking economics or Finance, does anyone know the best major to partner up with that for me to get a job in an NGO or an International organization/Bank? #college...

#international-affairs #double-major #finance #economics


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3 answers

Posted by Jibbi B.’s Avatar Jibbi B.
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David Xu | Sr. Data Analyst at Zynga I mostly agree with the above by Eric but it's largely ...

Is it possible to double-major and still graduate within four years?

I have a major for my undergrad but there is also another major that is closely related that I find very interesting as well. Would it hurt me if I were to pursue both majors? I think it would help me prepare even better for my future career but I do not want to have to stay in college longer...

#college #major #double-major #education #college-major


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3 answers

Posted by Alec J.’s Avatar Alec J.
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Mandy Reid | Teacher - music and family education/self employed i agree with everything that was said in the previous answer. ...

What's a good college plan or career path for someone whose interested in both Biology and Psychology majors?

Hi I'm Alexis I'm currently a rising Junior whose interested in both Biology and Psychlogy. I believe that the mind and body and closely intertwined, yet u can't necessarily find a career path that combines the importance of both. I like biology because it has all of the medical background with...

#biology #psychology #double-major #mind #college #career-path #careers


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2 answers

Posted by Alexis S.’s Avatar Alexis S.
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John Caccaviello | Tutor in Medical Neuroscience at Boston University School ... Behavioral neuroscience, anatomy and neurobiology, clinical psychology, etc are perfect majors ...

How do I know if I am choosing the right major for the career path I want to take?

I am currently stuck between three different majors because they are all so similar. I know what career I want to pursue but I also know that it might take a while to get there. I want to make sure that I am choosing the right major so I can have enough versatility and not be at a stand still,...

#major #double-major


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1 answers

Posted by Mikala W.’s Avatar Mikala W.
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Ken Simmons | Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential Hi Mikala! You asked a very important question. Here are some ...

Is it true that having an athletic training certificate while pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy significantly increases my likelihood at being accepted into graduate school and, later, being hired for a job?

I want to work as a pediatric physical therapist in a hospital with kids fighting potentially terminal illnesses. I was told that double majoring in athletic training and kinesiology on the pre-physical therapy track would strengthen my applications, both for graduate school and my future...

#graduate-school #physical-therapy #double-major #athletic-training


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2 answers

Posted by Rachael P.’s Avatar Rachael P.
Carrie Graham, PhD, ATC, LATC’s Avatar
Carrie Graham, PhD, ATC, LATC | Assistant Professor Colleen Hughes is right, simply being a certified athletic trainer does ...

Robotics Engineering

Many times i have looked and worked with FRC robots at school and thought i like all the aspects of making a robots. I believe i want to be a robotics engineer, but what do i need ? What is the difference between a robotics engineer and a double major in electrical and mechanical engineers? Are...

#double-major #mechanical-engineering #university #robotics #electrical-engineering


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2 answers

Posted by Diana M.’s Avatar Diana M.
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N Gopi | -- Robotics is the branch of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer ...

What colleges are the best to attend for a double major in kinesiology and pre-physical therapy?

I am in the 11th grade and would like to go to college for physical therapy. I feel as though the best way to do this is by starting off with a double major in kinesiology and pre-physical therapy. I am trying to figure out which school would make this as smooth as possible. #college...

#physical-therapy #double-major #physical-trainer


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1 answers

Posted by Omega R.’s Avatar Omega R.
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Michael Gamez, M.S. | Academic Advisor at Chapman University Hi Omega, My name is Michael and I am an academic ...

As a double major in dance and integrated marketing will I have time to work a part time job?

I'm concerned about debt and want to do everything I can to keep it at a minimum so a part-time job would help a lot with that. #marketing #dance...



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Active Sep 29 '17 at 11:40

2 answers

Posted by Nicole Q.’s Avatar Nicole Q.
Stephanie Murnen’s Avatar
Stephanie Murnen | Sr. Manager, Surgical Gloves Marketing at Cardinal Health If you prioritize your time and class schedule accurately, I think ...

What core classes would be the most useful to a dance and integrated marketing major?

I am trying to decide what core classes I want to take and was wondering if some would be more useful or interesting than others. #marketing #dance #double-major...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:22

2 answers

Posted by Nicole Q.’s Avatar Nicole Q.
Shannon Baxley’s Avatar
Shannon Baxley | Online CSB team Dell It depends on your goals and your passions. If your dream ...

How does one balance two majors at once?

I plan on majoring in music education with either a second major or minor in psychology. Doing something in the science field was kind of a big leap for me, but I have always loved discovering how the brain works. I thought that pairing my interest of music and/or multilingualism with the field...

#music #double-major #administrative #psychology


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:30

2 answers

Posted by Gwen  C.’s Avatar Gwen C.
Luis Javier Santiago-Sierra’s Avatar
Luis Javier Santiago-Sierra | Assistant Director Global Initiatives at Berklee College of ... Hace you thought about Music Therapy. This is an area that ...

Should I double major at the same time or finsh one of them first?

I am interested in two majors, however, they are completely different fields. I want to become a teacher, but also a PA in the future. Many advisors have told me to choose one for now, but how do I decide which one. Help! #educator #double-major...



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2 answers

Posted by Mandy H.’s Avatar Mandy H.
Andrea Caprio’s Avatar
Andrea Caprio | Physician Assistant, Master of Business Administration (MBA) Hello, You may not have to choose between these careers. If ...

Could I switch between two professions/jobs?

I was thinking of double majoring in nutrition and music, because I love both subjects so much and want to have both in my life. Would it be possible to switch between the two if one career path does not work out? I want to audition for a music company and be a trainee, but that would require a...

#nutrition #music-industry #career #double-major #career-choice #career-change #music #career-path


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4 answers

Posted by Dominique O.’s Avatar Dominique O.
Marilyn Balke-Lowry’s Avatar
Marilyn Balke-Lowry | Artist/Owner at Imaginart; Director of College Guidance Consultants, ... Hi, In response to your comment, I would suggest that you ...
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