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Is college for everyone?

In the past people have found success without attending college and furthering their education. Is college really meant for everyone; it does not guarantee success and some people just aren't college material....


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art education

what is the best way to help a child struggling with creativity?...


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If I become an elemantary teacher, how much teaching freedom will I have?

I am asking this questions because if I become a teacher I want to be a teacher that has class outside sometimes. I want kids to learn in a fun, hands on way. This is one of the main reason I want to be a teacher and it would be great to know now if I will be able to do things like this....


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If you are a teacher, is there time for yourself?

I am interested in teaching, but I've done community services for my teachers by helping them file works, and I've observed that there is a lot of work. I know that I should chose a career that I like and enjoy in the future, and from my experience so far, filing works for my teacher, gets...


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How does work-study work?

I am applying to several colleges and want to know if work-study or getting a job off campus is better. #education...


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If their was one thing that you could change about your career what would it be?

I want to become an elementary teacher. What is the best way to get there? I know that there are 2 year and 4-year education degrees. I have a passion for teaching and I love to teach young people what they need to know while they are young and I want to prepare them for their success. What...

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Which careers are good if I enjoy working with kids?

I have been volunteering, and I have found that I really like working with kids. What careers would allow me to be around kids and work with kids? I have already considered the teaching options, e.g., in a day-care, preschool, or elementary school, but I am looking for other ideas for...

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Does having a high college GPA distinguish one from the competition on job applications?

I am a college student pursuing a degree in computer information technology, and I have worked hard to be studious and to keep a 4.0 grade point average. Many of my classmates in the information technology track have less than stellar grades, which had me wondering: will my high grade point...

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Do you have to teach a subject a specific way or are you allowed to change it?

I've heard that administrations and school boards choose the way you teach a specific topic and I was wondering if there was any room to be more creative with the kids. For example, there are different ways to teach math, but I heard that sometimes you are required to teach it a certain way....

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