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How do you get started?

I'm entrepreneurs how do you become successful? How would you maintain a stable business that is sustainable?...


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Will I be successful in the future?

I've had an on and off battle so far with school and many other challenges which have made me into who I am today, but one of the things I always ask myself is, will I make it? I plan on doing business and hope to one day run my own business so I hope I reach that goal and become a successful...

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What area of the business industry is best for me?

I am going to college to major in business and I am not sure what area of the industry would best fit me and would also be the most beneficial as well. How do I find which one best fits me? #business...


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Hows's Your Time Scheduling Being Your Own Boss?

I was asking because i know sometimes bosses of their own company's sometimes lose time to even witness their business prosper and you can create memories with your customers , so I was just wondering is everything you do on a daily basis takes up majority of your time where you can't be with...

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What college courses should I take to start a Medical/Recreational Cannabis and Hemp Cultivation and Distribution Business.

I am a High School Graduate and am wanting to pursue a career in medical cannabis and hemp cultivation and I was wondering if its possible to take Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Writing, Finance, Foreign language, and a Business Degree? Im interested in running my own cultivation and distribution...

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What area in Texas is the most receptive to new business?

I am a senior in high school and I am about to go to college and get my degree in entrepreneurial studies. I plan to open my own business after I graduate from college. I know there are many requirements when starting a business and location is an important one. I plan on staying in Texas, but...

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What's the most important skill to have to become an entrepreneur?

It's challenging to become an entrepreneur, especially during this time period. I know for me it won't be easy, but I'm very determined to do whatever it takes to become my own boss. Although, there might be people above me still, its something that I think could really go well with being a...

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Where is the best place to start a business?

I want to start a business, and I want to know the best place where I can start a business. I currently live in a small town in Indiana. I specifically want to know where whether I should locate myself in a city, suburb, or urban; I also want to know whether the city (if that's where I should...

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How do you become the youngest female CEO of a company?

Hi, i am going to school to be a business major so that I can hopefully own my own company one day. But first I have to start with working for another company. How do I build my way up to becoming a young female CEO? And what are things I need to do? What does this position entitle for me?...

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I am trying to decide if I want to find a fireworks distributor/manufacturer job as a human resources professional, or wether I should start up my own resale stand and work my way up into owning multiple stands and being able to sustain a good life?

I have been selling fireworks since I was 12 years old, I am now 31, and I thoroughly enjoy it. I have worked with distributors, and have also managed stands for the company I work for. I enjoy both ends of the business, and am even willing to relocate from my snow-less SE Texas to a more...

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