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How do you think the increasing environmental issues of the planet will impact the field of environmental science and studies?

I have been interested in studying the environment since my freshman year in high school when I took my first environmental biology class and wonder how the ever increasing issues that the environment today is facing will end up changing various parts of the study. For example, job...

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How much of physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics are used in environmental engineering (each)? Is the field generally enjoyable for someone with a love of physics and math? Do environmental engineers spend much of their time at their work outside?

As a devoted environmentalist and vegetarian, I believe improving the environment is absolutely my purpose in math. As I have a passion for physics and mathematics (particularly calculus), engineering seems to be my best fit for my science expertise. However, I am undecided on whether simply...

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I'm unsure about my future career path

I'm about to enter college or pre uni. All this while, I have been interested in architecture and science-related fields. But lately, many people (even my parents) started telling me to open my options for other careers and courses, because not many universities offer Architecture, and I heard...

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What are some effective and progressive jobs in the environmental sustainability field?

My major is in environmental science. I am striving to really change the world as much as I possibly can in this field, making huge changes toward environmental sustainability and creating more positive effects on humankind's ecological footprint. Thanks so much! #environmental-science...

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What steps steps should an environmental engineer take to be able to improve environmental problems as much as possible?

As an aspiring environmental engineer who cares greatly about the earth and conservation, I would like to know the most suitable path I should take in the college and work force to make the greatest difference as I can. #business #engineering #management #environmental...


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Industrial Design and Environmental Science, can I blend them in my studies and make it a career?

I have just recently started to think about college because I'm in my junior year of high school right now, and i have really taken an interest in environmental science. And what I really hope is that once I get out of college I can make a career out of what I have learned and I am not super...

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What kind of opportunities are out there for individuals who want to combine biology with environmental science and the health sciences?

I'm looking into many different career paths and I'm trying to find the best one for me. These are the three subjects that I am interested in and I'm wondering if there is a way where I can combine all three subjects. #biology #health #environmental...


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Besides the general biology major requirements and environmental science minor courses what kind of other classes would be helpful for this major and minor?

I am a rising sophomore in college who has declared a minor in environmental science and is considering a biology major or some similar major such as (i.e. microbiology, biochemistry). I need to take several elective courses as graduation requirements and I'm wondering what kind of elective...

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If I decide to go into a biology major or other related fields (i.e. biochemistry, microbiology) is it relatively easy to find jobs or should I look into going to grad school soon after I graduate from college? What kinds of jobs would be available to me?

I'm a rising sophomore in college who is interested in paring her environmental science minor with a biology major or a major from a related field. Before I declare my major I'm curious about the availability and type of jobs that I can consider after I graduate from college. #biochemistry...

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Degree in biology... art/environment/science?

Hello, I graduated last year with a degree in biology in Florida... I've been pre-dental since 2010. I applied last cycle with a GPA of 3.4 and a DAT score of 17. I'm aware my DAT score isn't the best, and considering how competitive the dental career is becoming, I don't expect that to be...

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What is the typical day of an environmental engineer like?

Hello! I'm Olivia. I just graduated from high school. I'm asking this because I am thinking about majoring in environmental engineering once college starts. I know that one of an an environmental engineer's main goals is to find new and creative ways to protect the planet we live on, but I...

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What do environmental engineers do?

I'm considering this as a major, but I'd have to go to a college I'm not necessarily excited about. If I don't like this career, then I'd be able to go to the college of my choice. #engineer...


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I want to be an environmental engineer. What information can you give me about environmental engineering, and what can I do in high school to help me achieve my goal?

Hello! I want to pursue a career in environmental engineering, and I want to be as prepared as possible for college. Is there anything that is very important for me to make sure I do while in high school? I'm in honors/AP courses and plan to take AP Environmental Science next school year (I'm...

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Could someone have a career in a science field that is under the government, and what careers might these be?

I am a senior in high school, and I am interested in both a science related career as well as a government career. I am interested in both local and federal government, so a career under either would be fine. I am also interested in water resources, genetics, marine biology, and environmental...

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What should I major in if I want to work in a field that allows me to raise public awareness for environmental issues?

So far I have completed two years of community college credit towards a degree in Psychology. However, I am unsure about my choice to major in psychology based on the job market and amount of schooling required to get a job. Recently I began reading about environmental issues such as our...

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