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Is event planning a slow process?

I am a junior at CCHS, and i am looking forward to becoming an event planner and helping people plan special events and so forth. I want to know more about what to it takes to be a planner as well. #event-planning #wedding-planner...



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Posted by Donnaysia B.’s Avatar Donnaysia B.
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Celeste Cole | Events Professional Event planning is as fast or slow a process as your ...

What type of events are the hardest to plan and why?

I am a junior in high school, and I have been thinking about becoming an event planner. I was wondering which types of events would be the best to plan and what are the most challenging ones and why? #hospitality #event-planning #event-management #coordinating-events #wedding-planner...

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Posted by Bria F.’s Avatar Bria F.
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Celeste Cole | Events Professional I'm going to approach this question literally - which events are ...
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