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What does it take to be a Architect?

I'm asking this question because, I want to know how I can be successful at this long term goal of mine....


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How exactly do I start a business

I am thinking about starting a music business. I want to make a career for myself singing hopefully. But I don't know how to go about doing that. #music #experience...

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How do you gain experience when employers are only looking for workers with experience?

I had numerous experiences where my older brother, who is 20 years and old and going into his third year of college, would come home disappointed that the place he applied for previously did not accept him. Many of these places require outside experiences, but how is it possible to gain that...

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How would I get experience in classes my school doesn't have?

My school is very small and has an even smaller amount of classes for the students to choose from for electives and does not have a choice of any AP classes. If I want to do something like Aeronautical/Astronautical engineering, the College/University I may choose to go to may want a better...

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Job experience

Is it okay to put my last two jobs down even though I only worked there for a few day?? #job...


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How do I get a job

I need one #experience...


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How will I know what career choice is best for me and will be a choice that will make my parents proud of me?

My parents hold very high expectations of me and I'm afraid the choice I will make on a career will not be enough for them. I am also afraid that if I choose the career choice they want me to have, I will not be happy and live my life miserably, dreading waking up each day to attend my job....

#family-issues #knowledge #experience

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Should money be an important factor in college decisions?

I had have several people (i.e teachers, college graduates) explain to me that I should expand my search to out of state schools. I was told that colleges have "tons of money" to give away and that I should not allow cost to restrain my decisions. However, with increasing college debts, I...

#advice #college #experience

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How do i get more scholarships?

I'm asking this question because i want to prepare for my future and not have to take a lot of loans out. #college...


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How do you actually know what college is right for you?

I really want to go to KU , but i also want to go out of state and go to GSU in Atlanta Georgia. I honestly don't know what college i should go to because i need help to sort out my thoughts and feelings. #experience...


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