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Is it possible to pursue a career in Fashion Design and incorporate other pastimes?

This may be more of an obscure question, but there are multiple extracurricular activities I enjoy keeping up with and I hope to continue incorporating them into my schedule, even if only for college. Would you recommend or advise against packing in an occasional theatre production, choir, or...

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What is the best way to get a start in the Fashion industry with the eventual goal of starting your own business?

I am a senior in high school nearly 100% set for college with my major, orientation date, and all--but I'm unsure of how to get to the point of being a bridal fashion designer with my own business. I know the Fashion industry is generally a tough career to find a start in, especially concerning...

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Is the fashion industry a good career path for PR majors? What are the pros and cons? #publicrelations #fashionindustry

I am currently majoring in PR and I have always had a passion for fashion, makeup, traveling and the glamour life. Is it possible to make it big? What are some possible job opportunities if I want to work in that area? #public-relations...


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What are the basics of fashion merchandising?

I want to become a fashion merchandiser because I am very interested in clothing and creating my own brand. I believe you have to have a bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising to begin the career. What other steps should I take to help me pursue my career.#nextralphlauren...

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