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I plan to start a career forensic chemistry, what types of jobs will I be doing after I graduate.

I would like to know what I will be expecting after Graduation #laboratory...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:21

1 answers

Posted by tia F.
Jeff Greco, Ph.D. | Research Chemist Tia, It depends upon your choice in education. A bachelor's of ...

How do I get my foot in the door for Mycology field reasearch?

My ultimate goal is to be a field researcher and work in a lab as well. I am looking to get my graduate in Mycology. I'd like to be ahead of the game, or at least have a goal in mind. Where do I start looking for these types of jobs? #mycology #job-search...



Active yesterday

0 answers

Posted by Nicole M.

What is it like being active in the field of Sociology?

I am a sociology major and love the knowledge that I learn on a daily basis. However, sometimes it is hard to picture myself working in the field. What are some real world applications of this career path? #sociology #career-counseling #career-development #social-work...



Active Feb 04 at 19:13

1 answers

Posted by Scenarious T.
Shannon Richard-Howell | Educator/Counseling Professional Hello, Since Sociology is a human/social behavior field there are lots ...

What internships did you take that you would suggest to undergrad students?

I always think that hearing about a program from someone else makes it better. I want to know if anyone really learned a lot from a program that I could potentially apply to! My interests are really broad though I love languages and biology! Thanks! #science #biology #language #field-work...



Active yesterday

3 answers

Posted by Sarah M.
Saurabh Jain | Finance Development Program, Dell I did my education in India before moving to Austin. I ...

How do you become a buisness man?

Just in general how do you become a business man? where do you get the money to start your business? Where do you find a job that has to do with what you like to do? #management #entrepreneurship #manager #buisness #field-work...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:05

2 answers

Posted by Cristian M.
Brian Leach, PMP | Founder and CEO, Steelray Software Becoming a businessman (or businesswoman) is easy. All you have to ...

The most exciting part of research to me is going out in the field and working with animals and in the environment, but I'm concerned that in my career I'll get stuck analyzing data and not doing field work. Any advice?

I'm going into Ecology & Environmental Biology and I love working with animals on the field and studying animal cognition in the wild or at a sanctuary. However, it seems to me that professionals in biology often spend their time analyzing data in the lab or writing grants, which I would fine...

#ecologist #biology #ecology #higher-education #research #field-work #researcher #animal-work


Active Apr 07 at 00:02

2 answers

Posted by Ilana N.
Seth Daniel Bernstein | Coach, Counselor, Personal Branding Expert, Marketer, Educator When possible, I recommend emphasizing "applied" (i.e., hands-on) biology in the ...

For those interested in pursuing a career in ecology and evolutionary biology, what types of jobs are available that involve working in the field with real organisms?

I have always been very interested in biology and animals, so when I discovered the ecology and evolutionary biology major at most prestigious schools, I thought it would be perfect! However, I know that I am a very hands on learner who would prefer to be out in the environment as opposed to at...

#environment #biology #ecology #animals #environmental-services #field-work #evolutionary-biology #animalscience


Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:47

3 answers

Posted by Sedona R.
Sara Anderson | Environmental Scientist I work in water resources and we hire ecologists (classified as ...

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