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what should i do right now to be THE BEST ELEGANT C.A..??

I am a commerce group student.Am in my 11th grade.I want to know what are the courses which are available for me to do my C.A courses further in future.I searched through things.All that I got was ICWA. But it says eligibility of 12 is needed.But I hear people telling me that 11th graders can...

#accounting #accountant #financial #knowledge-management #cost-planning


Active Jul 21 '17 at 14:09

1 answers

Posted by Nivetha J.
Daniela Silva | Educational Writer- New Heights Educational Group Hi, I got this college link. Maybe can help you in ...

What's the difference between a normal accountant and a certified accountant?

Im in the 11th grade and I'm in an entrepreneurship class. I wanted to know what's the difference between a regular accountant (not certified) and a certified accountant. #accounting #money #math #accountant #financial...



Active Jul 21 '17 at 13:58

2 answers

Posted by Sdancy13NFTEBOSS .
MelissaWilliams Most accountants are certified accountants. There is not a big difference ...

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