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Should I attend a private or public college/university?

I know that public colleges in Illinois are required to accept 3's on AP exams, which I might have gotten, but I also hear that private colleges can offer more financial aid. At which type of college would I end up saving more money? #financial-aid...


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What is the probability of paying off student loans in 10 years or less becoming a CPA?

Well being a US student, I am apart of the trillions of dollars of debt placed on the student population in the country. I want to know if becoming a CPA will free me from the bondages of debt for choosing to educate myself beyond high school. #business #finance #management #accounting...

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What should I do if all of my options to pay for school has either failed of is failing?

I've done over $176,000 in scholarships (so far), and I haven't received any good news yet, I've tried the military, and got disqualified for being flat-footed. I have a lot of talent but...I want to invest in my skills before I pursue a life based off of my talent. #help. Lol #college...

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Which loans will be best to obtain for college?

I, as other students, struggle financially. When looking into college, cost is a large concern and I know I will have to take out loans. Considering I must go through college for extra time to gain a pH D in law, as I want, I will have a lot of debt. I am the first in my family to graduate high...

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When applying for scholarships, what is the best way to tell if it is a scam or not?

Because college isn't exactly cheap, I've been looking into a bunch of different scholarships and applying to many of them to possibly gain some financial help for when I start attending college. I have also recently discovered that these scholarship opportunities can be a group of scammers...

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Any help with scholarships?

Hi, i am currently transferring to UC Irvine and want to know of any scholarships out there that can help me with tuition since it is so expensive at the moment. I really want to go into the pharmacy field and thats why im trying to get my BA in chemistry. It is really hard to keep working at a...

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Does financial aid cover med school?

We only recieve financial aid for six years, if I finish the prerequiste classes for pre med in four years and i get into med school and I will have two years left over in financial aid. I do not know if I can use them for med school or not. #financial-aid #financial-planning...


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Is the best decision to take a gap year before going to college if you are unsure about your career path?

The biggest question I ask myself when thinking about college is if I am going to waste not only my time, but money I do not have if I attend college as an undecided major. One of the greatest pressures high school seniors face is the dilemma of choosing to go straight to college or to opt for...

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What do I do if I suspect that one of my parents is unsupportive of me going to college?

As a current high school graduate, I'm looking forward to starting off at my community college this fall. I finished registration and got my financial aid straightened out, and FAFSA looks like It could really help me. During my spare time< I scroll online for any scholarships that could help....

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Why should you apply for an EOF program?

I will be attending college in less than 7 months and I just wanted to know why it is a good choice to apply for the Eductaional Opportunity Fund as an incoming freshman (especially from an impoverished environment such as Newark)? #college...


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